A Guide to Compartment Sinks

Washing the dishes within your restaurant kitchen requires you to build an area designed for the cleaning process. With a dishwasher and a compartment sink, you can begin to complete all the washing duties required to ensure your patrons enjoy a comfortable dining experience. The team at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies has many years of experience outfitting clients with the ideal compartment sink solutions. Below we’re highlighting how to choose compartment sinks for your facility from the wide range of options available.

The Different Types of Compartment Sinks

By understanding more about the types of sinks available for your business, you can begin to determine the best options. Generally, there are three styles of compartment sinks from which to select: 1-tub sinks, 2-tub sinks, and 3-tub sinks.

  • 1-Tub Sinks

1-tub sinks are designed for use within smaller restaurants with a limited amount of daily washing and cleaning. While the restaurant might have busy periods, a business using a 1-tub sink might only serve a few hundred patrons per day. 

  • 2-Tub Sinks

2-tub sinks, as the name suggests, will double the capacity of the 1-tub sink and can be used in medium to large-sized restaurants that have many patrons. A restaurant using a 2-tub sink should be able to handle an average day of 500 patrons or more.

  • 3-Tub Sinks

The largest size available, a 3-tub sink is suitable for restaurants that deliver fast dining service and accommodate 1,000 or more patrons each day. Restaurants with 3-tub sinks will also need to ensure they have a dedicated cleaning staff, as a sink with 3 separate tub compartments is likely too large for one dishwasher to use alone. 

Gauge Size

The gauge size refers to the thickness of the metal used to make the sink. With a thick sink, you will pay more for the product, so it’s important to choose the required gauge for optimal durability without overspending on the compartment sink. Generally, the thinnest gauge available is the 18-inch gauge sink.

The factor that most impacts the type of gauge you require from your compartment sinks is the amount of time the sink is used throughout the day. For heavy use of the sink, you might consider using the thickest gauge material. Those with softer water might be able to get away with using an 18-inch gauge sink.

Type of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the material most often used in the production of compartment sinks. It’s used for its durability and resistance to scratching from plates and cutlery. There are several types of stainless steel to consider. The most common is 430 stainless steel, which is ideal for normal everyday restaurant applications. There is also 304 stainless steel, designed for heavy-duty use with applications involving hard water. 

Choosing Your Faucet Style

What type of faucet do you wish to use with your compartment sink and how will this faucet provide you with the best ROI? Some of the most common faucet styles for use with compartment sinks include:

  • Pre-rinse, wall-mounted faucets

These faucets are designed to blast away food particles and remove any remnants of food on utensils and plates, prior to placing them in the dishwasher.

  • Splash-mounted faucets

These faucets are mounted to the backsplash and are designed to allow you to move the nozzle throughout the space for quick and simple cleaning of food remnants.

Common Mistakes When Buying Compartment Sinks

Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies has many years of experience guiding clients to choose the right sinks for their facility. Here we’re highlighting some of the more common mistakes that buyers make in the process:

  • Not considering space

The available space within your kitchen should be the foremost consideration when choosing compartment sinks. Do you have the requisite amount of room to complete the installation process? Many restaurant owners don’t take this into consideration as they add new equipment, like compartment sinks. This often means kitchen teams are left working in crowded workspaces.

  • Projected growth

Will your restaurant grow in the coming years? This could mean you require a larger compartment sink to accommodate additional dishwashing duties and more staff members. The number of staff within your facility will be a leading element in deciding the proper sink size, ensuring each member of the team can move comfortably throughout the kitchen.

  • The cost of water

The larger the sink and the more compartments within sink, the more water you will use. While this might seem obvious, many don’t make the connection, which leads to restaurant owners going over budget water bills after installing larger compartment sinks.

  • The maintenance process

How will you ensure that your compartment sink remains clean throughout the day? Making sure you add a low-maintenance system is critical for ensuring all food products and meals are delivered safely to your patrons. Before integrating a new compartment sink into your facility, make sure you have a clear understanding of the maintenance process and team members at your disposal to perform these tasks.

Choose Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies for Quality Compartment Sinks

Our team at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies is known for our commitment to providing clients with best-in-class options for their facility. Let’s look at a few of the compartment sinks within our wide-ranging catalog.

  • Zanduco Two-Tub Sink with Left Drain Board

The Zanduco Two Tub Sink with Left Drain Board is the ideal option for a medium-sized restaurant with growth aspirations. The product is constructed with high-quality, 18-gauge stainless steel, making it easy to clean and corrosion resistant. The model also offers a drain board on the left-hand side, so it’s easy to store dishes while cleaning them.

  • Zanduco Three-Tub Sink 18" X 18" X 11" with 2 Drain Boards

This product is a leading-class option for a larger facility with significant dish-washing needs. With drainboards on both sides of the sinks, the product can be used by more than one staff member to ensure all washing needs are met with precision. The Zanduco Three-Tub Sink is sleek and attractive, featuring 18-gauge steel for optimal durability.

The experienced team at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies offers affordable compartment sinks designed for seamless integration within the modern restaurant space. Clients turn to our team because we’re able to deliver quality products within a consolidated timeframe. We’re also able to help restaurant operators choose the exact model for use within their facility.

To discover more about our company and the full selection of compartment sinks in our wide-ranging catalogue, Submit your Request a Quote today.

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