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A Guide to Choosing a Commercial Range

The right commercial range can ensure that your kitchen teams cook meals according to the precise temperatures and consistencies expected by your patrons. But integrating a new commercial range with your facility isn’t always simple. The team at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies has great experience in this process, which is why in this latest post we explain our tips for choosing a new commercial range.

Choosing The Type Of Range

The first consideration to make is deciding the type of range you need for your kitchen space. There are three basic styles: countertop ranges, restaurant ranges, and heavy-duty ranges.

  • Restaurant Ranges

A restaurant range is less expensive than a heavy-duty range and offers a number of burners with high BTU ratings for most cooking requirements. The restaurant range is designed to stand alone and is available in a variety of sizes.

  • Heavy Duty Ranges

Heavy-duty ranges are designed to be integrated together with other ranges and have a connection on the front or the side to accommodate integration. They’re designed for high-volume use and with a higher energy output than the average restaurant range.

  • Countertop Ranges

Countertop ranges are designed, as you might imagine, to fit neatly on the countertop space. Their leading advantage is portability and they provide a number of heating options for restaurants with limited space in the kitchen.

Gas Ranges Versus Electric Ranges

Another consideration you will have to make is choosing between gas and electric ranges. The benefit of a gas range is they provide instant heat, thereby supporting productivity. The leading advantage of the electric range is they provide a flat surface for even cooking and considered safer than gas appliances. 

Turn to Zanduco Restaurant Equipment and Supplies for the Latest Options 

When choosing your commercial range, you can always turn to our trusted experts to learn about the leading products available, which includes:

This new option from Garland is a gas restaurant range designed to support ease of maintenance and superior control over cooking processes. The range is 27” deep and features the largest cooking surface of any commercial range in the industry today.

The American Range AR48G-4B is designed with a stainless steel front and sides for optimal durability and features four 32,000BTU burners for high-performance cooking within all kitchen applications.

Our trusted and experienced team at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies is here to help you choose quality commercial ranges for your kitchen. To learn more about our company and the selection of products in our catalog, please contact us today.