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A Guide to Choosing Restaurant Shelving Products

Our Guide to Choosing Restaurant Shelving Products

Restaurant shelving is an important consideration for restaurants across the country as they look to build upon their storage areas. Having access to quality storage can help to ensure that food products are available to your kitchen team as it needs them, so ensuring you have a sturdy, well-designed restaurant shelving system is a must. In this new post, we’ll provide our guide to selecting restaurant shelving products.

The Considerations for Choosing Shelving

Restaurant shelving should be chosen based on the specific needs of your restaurant and kitchen staff. Ensure that you take the following into consideration when evaluating the full range of shelving products:

The Price of Shelving

The cost to purchase the shelving should be one of the foremost considerations when reviewing the latest options. How much can you afford to spend for the storage product? What are the additional costs you might have to pay? For example, consider shipping and maintenance in your budget considerations.

Ease of Access

How will the shelving improve the ease of access to your food products for your restaurant team? Ensure that the restaurant shelving is selected based on the needs of your business kitchen crew. Can they quickly access the products from shelving located near cooking areas? Can shelving be introduced that minimizes the obstructions within the space? 


Shelving should be designed for sturdy, long-term performance. Ensure the equipment you select is built for rigidity and strength and that any potential safety risks are minimized by your equipment purchase. 

Standard Storage Options 

It’s important to explore the full range of shelving options, which includes:

Chrome Wire Shelving

The team at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies offers a number of Chrome wire shelving products built with steel wire to keep stock within reach at all times. These products feature open wire construction to ensure full ventilation.

Epoxy Wire Shelving

Epoxy wire shelving is another great option for those seeking a sturdy addition to their restaurant storage space. Epoxy shelving is designed for optimal durability and flexibility during installation.

Working with our trusted team at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies can help you select high-quality products designed for optimal integration within your restaurant space. To discover more about our products and the full range of options available, request a quote today.