A Guide to Buying Commercial Toasters in Canada

Choosing commercial toasters requires you to take into consideration your full range of toasting requirements. Our team at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies has decades of experience helping clients across Canada choose commercial toasters, and we’re now presenting a complete buying guide.

Types of Commercial Toaster

By learning more about the types of commercial toasters, you can decide on the best option for your business Generally, there are two types within the industry:

  • Conveyor Toasters

 Conveyor A conveyor toaster works by using a heating device on a conveyor belt so that toast returns in the same direction back to work staff for preparation. This mitigates the need to place the toast in a toaster and wait, then go back to the toaster when the toasting has been completed. Conveyor systems can toast as many as 1600 slices per hour and will require only a small amount of space within your commercial kitchen.

  •  Pop-up Toasters

Pop up toasters are the traditional option and operate via heated coils and a spring-loaded mechanism that activates after the set heating time has concluded.  Pop up toasters are ideal for toasting English muffins, and bagel halves, and can accommodate up to 500 slices per hour.

Selecting the Right Option for Your Business

Now that you know a little bit more about the options available, let’s look at how to choose the right toaster for your business. There are several great products, and each has its own benefits. The following should be considered when choosing your ideal toaster:

  • The type of bread you’re toasting

Take into consideration the type of toasting that you require. If you're toasting specialty bread or bagel halves your productivity might not be as high as if you're toasting simple slices.

  • How much toasting

How much demand does your business have for toasted products? Can you calculate the demand based on historical data? This can be critical to ensuring you select the right toaster for your business. 

  • Style of toasting

It’s going to take longer to turn a piece of bread into a crispy, darker piece of toast than it is to lightly toast the bread. Always take into consideration the level of toasting and how much time each slice will require for optimal results. 

Shop for Commercial Toasters in Canada

Here at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies, we offer the latest commercial toasters for businesses across Canada. Our range includes the Star Holman QCS1-350 Compact Conveyor Toaster, which is compact and versatile, and designed for the growing restaurant space. We also offer the Hatco TPT-208 4 Slice Commercial Toaster, which is a pop-up style toaster offering durable performance, with a removable crumb tray for simple restaurant maintenance!

To learn more about your toaster options and much more, Contact our team today.