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A Guide to Buying Cleaning Supplies for Your Restaurant

Cleaning supplies are a key element within your restaurant business. When you’re choosing the highest quality supplies, you can ensure the space is immaculately clean and ready for patrons. Our team at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies has helped hundreds of business owners choose quality cleaning supplies during our years serving the commercial kitchen and restaurant industry. 

In this new post, we’re presenting our guide to choosing the latest products.

Choosing a mop head

The first piece of cleaning equipment you should consider for your restaurant is a mop. A mop is the easiest cleaning product to use and can help ensure that your restaurant floors are clean and safe. There are multiple types of mops out there. 

Consider the following:

  • Cut-end mop heads

Cut-end mop heads are certainly one of the more economical options within the janitorial supplies marketplace. If you’re looking to reduce the cost of your cleaning supplies, you might consider first investing in a cut-end mop head to see if it fits the requirements. When you are taking on a lot of cleaning within the space and require a simple, disposable mop head option, the cut-end mop head is the ideal choice. 

  • Loop-end mop heads

Loop-end mop heads are designed so that they don’t tangle and therefore are ideal when you require the mop end to be cleaned. Some industry studies also show that loop-end mops can pick up more debris than the traditional cut-end mop. The dust and debris can become caught in the loops, allowing for more efficient cleaning work.

Wet mop characteristics

When choosing a mop for your organization, there are a number of material characteristics that should be reviewed before making your final decision. Consider the following elements for selecting that perfect mop for your business:

  • Yarn ply

The yarn ply indicates the number of fibers that are twisted together to make one of the single strands within then mop head. A higher yarn ply means a higher-strength mop. Though the higher level of ply may not indicate the quality of the mop head fabric is any higher. You will find you can save money by buying a low ply, high-quality yarn rather than a high ply, low-quality yarn. 

  • Mop sizes

Both loop-end mop heads and cut-end mop heads are sized according to the size of the head. The industry measures both loop-end mop heads and cut-end mop heads in ounces, and the higher the ounce rating for the mop, the larger the head of the mop. This is an important consideration for those with smaller areas within their restaurant, as it means the larger mop head might not reach into the tiny corners of the kitchen and dining area.

  • Mop absorbency

When choosing a mop for your company, review the mop’s absorbency and its performance in terms of water retention over time. It’s important to note that the mop’s absorbency is not usually related to the type of material used within the mop head. The absorbency level is generally related to the size of the mop. A small mop head can absorb up to 10oz of liquid, while an extra-large mop head can hold up to 40oz of liquid. 

  • Antimicrobial additives

When shopping, you’re likely to find mops that have antimicrobial agents added for superior protection. Mops that have several antimicrobial agents will rarely suffer bacteria growth or mold on the mop head. 

  • Headband

The headband of the mop is another key element to take into consideration. Mop headbands generally come in two sizes: narrow and wide. Narrow headbands are 6 and ¼” inches long and wide headbands are also 6 and ¼” inches long but also 5 inches wide. Narrow headbands are used with stirrup type handles that allow for greater control. While wide headbands are used with clamp style mops for more strenuous cleaning activities.

Mop bucket anatomy

Now that you know more about the mop heads, it’s time we delve into the details about mop buckets and the distinguishing features that separate each bucket. The bucket will include the following elements:

  • The wringer

The mop bucket wringer is designed to help keep excess water off of the floor during the cleaning process. The wringer is the piece of the bucket that allows you to press down on the mop and remove much of the excess moisture from the head. Some companies offer plastic wringers, which can be an economical option for small businesses. Companies that require a more durable wringer might consider metal products. It’s important that metal wringers are cleaned carefully though, as they can be impacted by corrosion.

  • The bucket

The bucket is usually placed on wheels to easily transport the mop throughout the restaurant space. The key consideration when choosing the bucket is selecting the right size for the area of cleaning. One challenge many companies face is they have to select a bucket that’s suitable for a broad range of cleaning applications. It’s generally more effective to select a larger bucket than a smaller one, as this will limit the number of times the bucket has to be refilled during the cleaning process.

  • Dirty water bucket

The dirty water bucket is the part of a bucket that is designed to keep the soiled water separate from the clean and soapy water. Buying a mop and bucket with an additional dirty water bucket increases the efficiency of the cleaning process with fewer water changes required. It’s why larger commercial restaurants will often work with a dirty-water-bucket system to improve cleaning times.

Consider storage for your wet mop

A further key consideration for restaurant owners is how to handle the storage of their wet mop. Make sure you review the following steps for the storage process:

  • Mops should be hung while dry in a clean storage area

  • Ensure mops are not in close contact with other products in storage

  • Have your cleaning teams check mops for contamination and mold before using them

Each restaurant team should be able to store their dry mops in a clean space within the restaurant in order to avoid contamination. Make sure you contact the manufacturer to learn more about the unique storage requirements for your product.

Review the maintenance steps

Your cleaning products often require their own level of maintenance. And so it’s important that you follow the protocol highlighted by the manufacturer of the mop to ensure the product remains safe for use over the coming years.

Make sure, for example, that your mop heads are laundered as part of a regular cycle, and that your janitorial supplies team knows which mop heads must be replaced at specific times.

Work with Zanduco for bucket accessories

Our team at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies has helped companies across the food service industry handle their full range of cleaning supplies needs. One area to consider is bucket accessories. We offer the top accessories from leading manufacturers, including the A-Shape Caution Sign - English/French Yellow, which helps alert those in your restaurant that the floor is being cleaned and that they should use caution when walking in the area. We also offer additional cleaning products, such as cleaning clothes, which can be a valuable addition to your cleaning processes. One option is the RubberMaid Hygen, which is a best-in-class microfiber cloth that can be re-used and washed up to 40-times for long-term value. 

Discover the latest mops and wringers from Zanduco

Beyond our full line of accessories, our team at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies also specializes in the highest-quality mops and ringers. We offer products such as the Mop Head 480Gm Looped End 85480, which offers a 4-ply looped material for simple and efficient cleaning of even the tightest restaurant spaces. Another great option from our ringer selection is the Bucket Wheeled 36qt with Wringer 8536. The product offers cleaning convenience for restaurant spaces with continual maintenance requirements throughout the day. 

Turn to Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies for the latest cleaning supplies

Our team at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies specializes in offering the highest-quality cleaning supplies from the top manufacturers in the commercial kitchen industry. We can help you reduce the cost of your supplies and to pinpoint the exact product for your cleaning requirements. One area in which we specialize is our shipping services. We make sure your team has access to their cleaning supplies in a quick timeframe, allowing the restaurant space to be maintained immaculately.

If you would like to learn more about any of the products highlighted within this post, please call our team today. We can help answer your questions and provide you with a quote for your cleaning supplies. Contact us today to begin.