A Complete Guide to Dough Sheeters

Dough Sheeters for Optimal Performance

Are you looking to optimize your baking performance with the help of a dough sheeter? Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies has been Canada’s top provider of high-level equipment for restaurants, home, and commercial kitchens, bakeries, cafes, and other businesses for over 60 years. We offer a wide range of dough rollers, dough sheeters and other bakery equipment from recognized brands such as Doyon and Omcan, which help bakers achieve a perfect and consistent product every time.

Before investing a piece of heavy-duty bakery equipment like a dough sheeter, it is important for the operator to know all of the product details. Our team has answered a few common questions that bakers have regarding dough sheeters

  • What is a dough sheeter?

A dough sheeter is an essential baking tool for busy restaurateurs, bakers, and home chefs. This piece of kitchen equipment allows the operator to feed a ball of dough into one end, where it will then flatten the contents into a large, even sheet. This can be done manually or automatically, depending on the machine and the size can range from a small tabletop product to a large scale, stand-alone sheeter. Products such as the Doyon reversible dough sheeter may offer additional features such as a built-in croissant cutter.
  • Is a dough sheeter right for you?

A dough sheeter is a great option for a variety of businesses and home kitchens. However, these products can be fairly expensive, ranging from $1600 to over $15,000 depending on the brand and the particular product’s capabilities. If you own a high-performance bakery, it should not be difficult to find a dough sheeter in your price range due to our competitive pricing, however, if you own a small restaurant that does not regularly work with dough, you may be able to find another piece of kitchen equipment, which is a better use of your budget such as a meat grinder or beverage equipment. For those who do often bake with flattened sheets of dough, sheeters ensure consistency and operate at a fast pace for commercial foodservice.
  • Is a dough sheeter the same as a dough roller?

A dough sheeter is fairly similar to a dough roller, however, there are a couple of key differences between these pieces of kitchen equipment. A dough roller is generally comprised of a single rolling mechanism, meaning the baker will have to continue feeding the dough through the same roller for a smoother sheet. A dough sheeter is more complex with multiple dough rolling components, which allow for a higher level of productivity. One advantage of a dough roller is that it is often less expensive due to its lack of complex functions, but we recommend dough sheeters for optimal baking performance.

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