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A sharp knife is essential to every kitchen, to ensure safe, even and fast cutting. Our fast and reliable knife sharpening service will ensure you will always have the sharpest knives.

Here’s How it Works
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Send us your knives. Our customer service rep will be happy to provide a free mailing label

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Our experts will use their skills to restore and sharpen your knives

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In a few days, you will have newly sharpened knives

Why Having Sharp Knives is Important for Your Business

Having sharp knives increases you productivity and allows your or your staff to work efficiently in order to produce high quality products

Save time and energy by eliminating the task of sharpening knives yourself. Our service will ensure that you will always have the best 5-star results. This will eliminate one headache so you can spend more time focusing on growing your business and improving your customer’s experience.

Dull knives make an operator more prone to injuries as it requires more force to press through the food. Increased pressure due to a dull knife makes cutting more difficult to control and may cause an injury.

Chef sharpens a knife and uses it for cutting purpose
knife rental program

Knife Rental Program

For as low as $66 per delivery, you can have a set of professionally sharpened knives conveniently delivered by your door on a routine basis.

Sign up for our service, and if you're not satisfied with our knife rental program for any reason at all, we'll refund your first delivery.

For more information about our knife sharpening program or other related inquiries please contact us at

1-855-926-3826 or fill out our contact form and a service expert will be in touch shortly.


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