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Restaurant Cleaning & Janitorial Supplies

Restaurant Cleaning Products

Shop Zanduco for all the products required by Chefs, Restaurateurs, Butchers, or any commercial kitchen! New items are being added daily. Please peruse all of our categories to find what you need for your restaurant or foodservice business. In this section you will find Janitorial Supplies, Garbage Cans, Mops, Brooms and more! We continue to work diligently to provide you with the best possible prices, while ensuring your order is shipped out in a timely manner and arrives, damage free. Products are shipped directly to you from our warehouses, or from our partner manufacturers. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Call us or send us an email. We’ll be happy to help you with your questions.

Countertop / Cashier Sneeze Guards

Protect your customers and employees and prevent the spread of germs at checkout counters with our contertop cahsier sneezeguards!

Hand Soap and Sanitizer

Maintain hygeine and protection against germs with hand sanitizers, soaps and soap dispensers!

Protective Clothing

Reduce exposure to germs and allergens with protective face masks and protective clothing. 


Keep your kitchenware sparkling by using the proper tools to get the job done! Our cleaning brushes come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate to whatever sized pot or pan you are cleaning!

Cleaning Buckets

Keep your cleaning products effective by ensuring that they are separate from each other! Our cleaning and sanitation buckets are available in various colours and sizes! A selection of products available to choose the proper sizes for your establishment!

Cleaning Chemicals

Maintain a clean work station with a comprehensive selection of cleaners, sealers and protectants for all types of surfaces.

Cleaning Cloths

These re-usable and washable cleaning clothes are environmentally and budget friendly! The quality of these clothes ensures the longevity of usage!

Cleaning Gloves

Make dishwashing easier and more effective, by providing proper dishwashing gloves. Disposable glove dispensers are available to keep the food line and food prep sanitary!

Facility Maintenance & Safety Products

Safety products are necessary to ensure the well being of your employees and customers. Facility maintenance and safety products available for your restaurant, casino, bar, café or bakery!

Garbage Cans

Choose the trashcan and recycling containers to fit the needs and flow of your establishment! Whether for your dish room, food line, prep room, bar or beverage station, the proper trash can increase effectiveness and decrease the amount of times the bag needs to be replaced.

Mops & Brooms

Whether you are looking for a wet mop or a broom, Zanduco carries a variety of products of various sizes and materials to allow you to choose the cleaning accessory your establishment needs!

Smoker Poles & Urns

Be accommodating to all guests, in an efficient and clean way! These smoker urns and poles keep the outside of your establishment clean and organized, and ensure that smoking waste isn’t tossed aside or in another garbage can.


Have your windows and other glass surfaces sparkle with the help of our squeegees. Leaving streak-free results, customers passing by won’t be able to help but look inside your establishment.

Restroom Supplies

Keep your bathrooms clean and sanitary, as well as functional with our restroom supplies!