Why Add a Patio Heater to Your Restaurant

Patio Heater
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If your restaurant has any outdoor or patio space available, a few commercial patio heaters might be one of the best investments you can make. Space heaters are affordable, compact, and don't use that much fuel. Propane-driven models can be particularly efficient.

Whatever style you choose, adding a few patio heaters to your outdoor spaces can significantly expand your seating options, while making your customers happy as well!

Why Invest in Commercial Patio Heaters

1 - Add tables

If you have outdoor space you aren't using, that's space going to waste - especially if your restaurant tends to be crowded during busy shifts. Setting up a few outdoor tables can significantly improve your business, and allow you to seat more customers, comfortably. It's a great way to expand your capacity with a very small investment.

2 - Enjoying the outdoors

Many customers actively prefer sitting outside, due to the fresh air or relative lack of bustle compared to sitting indoors. Not to mention that smokers of various types are typically looking for places where they can light up or vape without causing problems. 

So adding usable outdoor space to your restaurant, pleasantly heated with patio heaters, could potentially attract new customers who are perfect for filling up the outdoor tables you've added.

3 - Creating an ambiance

For many diners, a meal under the stars - or at least in the fresh air - is incredibly romantic. The evening is often the best time for outdoor dining, but that's also when the cold can start to creep in. Commercial patio heaters make your outdoor seating much more attractive at night and during the colder months of the year.

4 - Providing a free show

While it would be nice if everyone at your restaurant focused solely on the food, that's rarely the case. People like to have distractions or things to watch when they're dining, and that can be difficult in an indoor setting - especially since watching other diners is considered gauche.

But with outdoor seating, the rest of the world provides a show. They can watch people walk down the street, birds flying by, or anything else that might be happening. This is particularly nice if you're in a tourist-rich environment, where the visitors will probably always be putting on a show.

5 - Promoting safety

At the moment, COVID isn't as big a threat as it was a year or two ago - but it's still around, and we've had other large-scale disease outbreaks as well. Outdoor seating is inherently safer than indoor when it comes to preventing disease spread. A good set of commercial patio heaters can make this an even more attractive choice if diners are concerned about diseases when they go out.

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