Commercial Deep Fryers

Commercial deep fryers are the perfect addition to your cafeteria, restaurant, buffet, or cafe. Choose from liquid propane, natural gas, and electric fryers that complement your budget & business' location. Increase your kitchen efficiency with fryers that fit more frying baskets and determine if a countertop or a free-standing floor fryer model suits your needs the best!

Floor fryers are larger, free-standing models that accommodate the daily demand of customers. They are designed for constant use throughout the day whereas countertop fryers are intended to be heated up only as needed. Countertop models are compact and perfect for limited spaces. They are budget-friendly and have excellent mobility should you need it in various places, such as food trucks.

With models from Omcan, Perfect Fry, Pitco, Imperial, American Range, and other top brands on the market, it's no surprise that Zanduco is the right supplier for you! Explore all the options offered in the thorough selection of commercial deep fryers & their available accessories by Zanduco!


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Electric Countertop Fryers

Electric Countertop Fryers

An electric countertop fryer is a fitting option for any small establishment that doesn’t need a full-sized fryer. Add it to your kitchen or restaurant as a secondary fryer to keep food separate.

Gas Floor Fryers

Gas Floor Fryers

A gas floor flyer is a must-have kitchen appliance for any large kitchen or restaurant! Perfect for food establishments undergoing fast-paced and time-sensitive orders for fried food!

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Electric Floor Fryers

Electric Floor Fryers

Electric floor fryers are ideal for fast-paced food establishments, made of durable and easy-to-clean stainless steel! These fryers are efficient and less likely to overheat. Zanduco offers multiple models with varying capacity. 

Gas Countertop Fryers

Gas Countertop Fryers

Gas countertop fryers are great for commercial kitchen operations with limited space! Zanduco's selection of gas countertop fryers are designed for optimum performance, simple operation, and easy cleaning. 

Oil Filtering Machine

Oil Filtering Machine

Oil filtering machines are a must-have for any busy restaurant kitchen! Designed with a motor overheat protection system, these machines extend the life of fryer oil and improve the quality of your food. Easy to clean the interior and exterior! 

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Commercial Deep Fryers Top Products

Pitco P18 Portable Fryer Oil Filter Machine

CAD $4,450.00

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Garland Frymaster - GF14 Gas Fryer

CAD $1,781.00

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American Range AF-5025 Gas Fryer Multi Battery

CAD $5,505.05

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Omcan Commercial Countertop Natural Gas Fryer with 30 lb. Oil Capacity

CAD $2,021.42

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Perfect Fry PFC375 Electric Countertop Ventless Deep Fryer, Semi-Automatic, 2 Gallon Oil Capacity 240v

CAD $16,764.00

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