Bucket Openers

Don’t make a mess of lids trying to open them, use the proper tool to get the job done quickly and easily. By using a bucket opener, not only do you remove the lid with no hassle, you don’t make a mess of the lid, allowing you to easily reseal it back on! Save your fingers from injury! A must-have accessory for kitchens, worksites, paint sites, and more!

Easily open any type of bucket or pail with one of our bucket openers! Available in aluminum, metal, and nylon. An extra-long 21” aluminum pail opener is ideal for more difficult tasks that need extra leverage to remove lids. Easy to remove and reseal lids from 4, 5, and 6-gallon buckets. Not what you are looking for? Zanduco carries heavy-duty can openers, a reliable piece of equipment for any type of restaurant, bar, kitchen, and more!

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