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Versatile and durable flatware available for any occasion or type of establishment. From cafeterias to fine dining, utensils make all the difference when it comes to the customer’s experience. Zanduco carries a variety of knives, from butter knives, to standard diner knives to steak knives. Offer your customers the proper knife with their meal, so they aren’t stuck cutting their chicken with a butter knife! An assortment of styles available, to fit any type of establishment! Looking for something with a little more edge? Check out our large selection of knives! Make sure that the only thing the customer is complaining about it wanting seconds! Ensure that your flatware and cutlery is always clean and sparkling, but using the proper dishwashing equipment and accessories!

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  1. Omcan 5.5" Damascus Style Forged Utility Knife with Gift Box
    Omcan 5.5" Damascus Style Forged Utility Knife with Gift Box
    SKU#: 17000-331
    Product Feature
    • Constructed with high-quality material and razor-sharp Damascus boning knife
    • Made of stainless steel that provides the best and most long-lasting edge; makes it durable and perfectly balanced knife to improve performance.
    • Resistant to stains, wear, and corrosion
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