Bun Pans

Use these multipurpose bun pans for cooking, storing, baking, and much more! Easy to store, without taking up too much space, the opportunities that these cooking trays will present you with are endless! Whether you are baking cookies or roasting potatoes, these bun pans can withstand the heat of the oven or the cold temperatures of your fridge or freezer!

Easily freeze fruits and vegetables for the future, by using a cookie tray to do so; limit clumping and the mixing of flavors. Cookie sheets aren’t only good for small food products, keep the bottom of your oven crumb-free, by placing bread and pies on a one before cooking! Make sure to use proper oven mitts when removing hot pans from the oven!  Hosting a party? These trays are great to line with appetizers, and to keep in your fridge for storage. Line your enclosed cabinet racks and pan racks with these aluminum trays or cafeteria trays to optimize space and efficiency! 

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