Omcan Maturmeat 100kg Cabinet with ClimaTouch and Fumotic

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  • Reproduces a series of microclimates ideal for the traditional maturation of meat (dry-aged)
  • Industrial refrigeration system
  • Features Fumotic® system for production and management of humidity
  • Includes ClimaTouch®, tool, and software with 5 preset yet modifiable recipes 

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Maturmeat 100kg Cabinet with ClimaTouch and Fumotic

Maturmeat™ is the only maturation cabinet guaranteed, patented, and manufactured 100% in Italy that reproduces a series of microclimates ideal for the traditional maturation of meat (dry-aged). In as little as eleven days our system allows you to transform your meat into tender, juicy steaks, safely. Maturmeat™ is equipped with an industrial refrigeration system (not monoblock). Thanks to the patented Fumotic® system, it ensures the production and management of humidity used to reduce the weight loss of the meat. In addition, since the user can smoke/­avor the product at low temperatures, without any combustion, it safely keeps the organoleptic properties of the meat unchanged. Maturmeat™, unlike wet aging, where the meat from its vacuum-sealed bag must be consumed immediately after opening, allows you to hang, store and consume meat in a longer period of time without similar risks. The unit is equipped with an advanced touch screen controller, that automatically manages the temperature, humidity, airspeed, pH monitoring, smoke/­avoring for the duration of the recipe. The Climatouch® controller, built into Maturmeat™, allows you to quickly start your next recipe, monitor recipe values, create and save new recipes, calibrate the optional pH probe and review HACCP data. These features and more make Maturmeat™ one of a kind.


Maturmeat™ is made of stainless steel AISI 304 with a scotch-brite ?nish, both internally and externally where in contact with food. The stainless steel door (not aluminum) has a large glass panel with the key/lock system, so as to allow use both in the kitchen/laboratory or in a retail area. In the laboratory, the large glass panel allows you to monitor the transformation process, in a retail area, it can be used as a showcase to dry age and display simultaneously. The four adjustable stainless steel legs allow for perfect stability. Optionally, The exterior can also be customized by choosing from a wide range of colors.

ClimaTouch® is a revolutionary tool for the automatic and programmable control sequence of all stages for the maturation of meats, with the option to monitor fermentation (pH), ensuring quality. ClimaTouch® is equipped with software entirely dedicated to the transformation of traditional food, very intuitive, and easy to use. It comes standard with 5 preset recipes that are modifiable (eg beef, pork, game, etc). With 352Kb of memory, allowing you to create and save many other custom recipes. It also has HACCP monitoring displayed on the large color 6" FULL TOUCH SCREEN as a table or graph.

Fumotic® is another system patented in Italy,that allows you to manage the process of humidification, smoking and aromatization of the product inside the chamber.

  • Smoking / Aromatization - During this phase natural liquid smoke is nebulized inside the Maturmeat™ chamber at low temperatures, fully respecting the wholesomeness and safety of the product. Natural liquid smoke can be purchased from the Stagionello™ Chef line.
  • Humidification - The Fumotic® produces and maintains the humidity inside the chamber. It has a dual purpose water connection: by drawing water from one of two tanks tested on board the unit, or for a *direct connection to a dedicated water line.

* All machines come with a small kit for direct connection to a dedicated water line*

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More Information
Brands Omcan
MFR # 40345
Voltage 220V
Capacity 100kg
Door Style Glass Door
Number of Shelves 5
Number of Doors 1
Temperature Range - 5 to 50 degree C / 23 to 122 degree F (working) & -10 to 70 degree C / 14 to 158 degree F (storage)
NEMA Bare Wire
Amps 10.8
Exterior Material Stainless Steel
Interior Material Stainless Steel
Height In Inches 83
Width in Inches 28.74
Depth In Inches 30.7
Warranty 1-year Parts & Labor

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