High Ball Glasses

Serve the appropriate beverages in durable yet attracting highball glasses. Serve anything from soda to a vodka tonic in this classic glass. Sturdy glasses that can handle any type and amount of garnish you throw at it. Don’t hold back the garnish on your classic Caesar, load up the celery! For a stronger drink, serve in the 10 oz. or 12 oz., or make it a double in the 14 oz. or 16 oz.! Looking for something small? Check out our juice glasses! Fill with ice, or serve blended, high ball glasses are a staple in any bar or restaurant establishment. The available varying sizes allow you to accommodate any drink requests modifications, without having to sacrifice or make up for removed ingredients! 

Ensure that your glassware is always shiny and clean, by using the proper commercial dishwasher for your establishment!


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