Understanding Slicer Maintenance and Its Benefits

Understanding Slicer Maintenance and Its Benefits

Meat slicers have been our saving grace for at-home food preparation as well as preparation in your deli, commercial kitchen, grocery store, or restaurant. They have also been found useful for slicing cheeses. However, cutting these perishable foods gives bacteria and other microorganisms a chance to grow on your appliance over time. Food, when used in the slicer, can also fall into tight spaces, allowing for more bacteria to grow. Different foods coming in contact with each other poses a risk for cross contamination and food poisoning. Keeping your slicer in top condition and thoroughly hygienic will maintain its performance and eliminate unwanted bacteria ensures your food won’t cause any food poisoning.


Proper Precautions

Being knowledgeable on how your slicer functions is quite important. Always follow the supplied instruction manual. The blade on your slicer is extremely sharp and one wrong move could lead to an injury. Make sure you wear the appropriate cut-resistant gloves when handling your appliance, wear eye protection, and use extreme caution when handling your slicer.


The Cleaning Process

  • Start by unplugging the slicer from its power source and turn off the blade setting. Disassemble any add-ons and accessories from your slicer and clear your workspace so that it is free of clutter.
  • Prepare your sanitizing solution, either one recommended by the manufacturer or made from scratch. A homemade solution can include a 50/50 mixture of hot water and dish soap.
  • Thoroughly clean each part of your slicer, especially the parts that have come in contact with food. Get a deeper clean by using a scrub. You can use a mild detergent or a sanitizing spray to clean your slicer. Do not use vegetable oil as a lubricant or as food grade machine oil. Zanduco offers mineral oil which is ideal for your slicer.
  • Do not submerge your slicer. Please refer to the manufacturer’s manual to find out which parts may or may not be placed in the dishwasher.
  • Reassemble your slicer once it has completely dried.


Things to Keep in Mind

  • Your slicer should be cleaned approximately every four hours. If your slicer is rarely used, it should be washed after every use.
  • Replace any broken parts as soon as possible. Never use a damaged or defective slicer.
  • In addition to keeping your slicer clean, you should also have the blade sharpened regularly, as well as routine maintenance checks for the entirety of your appliance. This will ensure safe and long-lasting performance.


Zanduco’s Meat Slicers

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