Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched games—or performances—each year. People get together to watch the game and the halftime show to make an entire event out of it. Either you meet your friends at a bar or do like most people do and attend a Super Bowl party. If you are the host of one of these parties, it means you have the biggest TV or the best cook.

Though football and the halftime performance are a big part of the event, the food has become an integral part of every Super Bowl party. Not only does it have to be a certain type of food, there has to be a large amount. Most Super Bowl parties are filled with finger food, as the game is being watched and nobody has time to eat an entire full course meal. This is why Super Bowl snacks have become an integral part of any football party—it’s one of the main attractions.

Hosting or attending? Don’t show up to a football party without a platter of food. Not only will it disappoint many people, you won’t get the chance to try recipes you never would have guessed you’d ever need to read! From individual tacos to vegetarian wings, Super Bowl snacks are an event all on their own. Here are some ideas and helpful tips to make Super Bowl Sunday a breeze!

Dip It!

  • Dips are a hit at any party and are especially loved at large social gatherings.
  • One up salsa by adding lots of cheese!
  • Refrigerate it, bake it, or microwave it. Dips can be warm or cold, and equally delicious!
  • Not only are dips a top party favourite, it’s a one dish wonder! No need to make large amount of small portions of food.
  • Here are some recipes to inspire the football fan in anyone!


Wing It!

  • Everybody loves wings, even vegetarians! It's due to the various sauces and ways wings can be prepared that bring the large crowds, which is why making them vegetarian is an equally scrumptious and easy hit with the crowds!
  • Choose your favourite wing recipe and simply replace the chicken wings with cauliflower. Not only are these a healthier option, they are cheaper and take less time to make!
  • They may not be the same as the classic chicken wings, but they can add some flavour and diversity to your menu!

Chip It!

  • Chips are a bestseller—not only on football nights, but every night.
  • Load them with cheese or side them with guacamole; they will sure to be a hit.
  • Find yourself with too many chips and wanting something different? Garlic cheesy bread and mozzarella sticks are always a winner. Anything with melted cheese in it, on it, or beside it is sure to be a touchdown.


Veg It!

  • Super Bowl parties are known to have a large amount of food and a large amount of snacking.
  • There is no harm in putting out crispy veggies for people to snack on before, during, or after the game.
  • Not only are they a healthy filler, but they go well with buffalo sauce!

Look forward to Super Bowl Sunday, with these helpful tips and recipes! Find yourself unprepared for hosting? Visit the Zanduco website for all the necessary tools and kitchen aids you need for your next party or event. GO TEAM!

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