Romanticize Your Restaurant for Valentine's Day

Romanticize Your Restaurant for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is widely recognized as a holiday to celebrate with your loved ones. It's known for being a day filled with flowers, chocolate, and the colour red. A major aspect of Valentine’s Day is dinner. As for many years, it falls on a weekday and most people are unable to take off an entire day to celebrate this holiday.

Fortunately, it falls on a Saturday this year, which means that Saturday night will be a restaurant’s best friend as well as their worst nightmare. Depending on your restaurant’s set up, a busy day like Valentine’s day—which will be filled mainly with couples—can be a hit or miss. Here are a few tips to help your evening go as smoothly as possible:



While not every restaurant accepts reservations, Valentine’s Day is one holiday in which pre-made plans benefit everyone. They benefit the customer, as they probably have more than one destination planned for the night, and dinner reservations tend to make or break a successful evening. Nothing kills romance like waiting an hour for a table. Some restaurants choose to not offer reservations or they may offer them only on certain days. For Valentine’s Day, you can assume that most restaurants are booked for the entire weekend. This allows them to have an idea of how many customers they will be serving for the night and how to manage their time the best way possible. If a restaurant is lucky enough, they will be booked completely (which every restaurant should try to work towards to ensure they tend to the most customers).  



Advertise and spread the word that you are accepting reservations! If you do this well in advance, it will give people an advantage to get the ball rolling and plan their evenings! Have your host remind them when they are leaving or their server to remind them when they are finished with their meal. If they enjoyed their time at your establishment, chances are they will want to go back!


Pre-Planned Menu

While many restaurants have specials and go-to dishes, not every restaurant provides their customer with a pre-set course meal. Offering a pre-set menu allows your kitchen to try new recipes and can help you by stocking up on the best produce. Your restaurant can offer incentives to motivate customers to go with the pre-planned route. While a special course menu tends to include an appetizer, main course, and dessert, try offering special drink pairings. Many couples go the wine route when dining together, so offer them a discount on certain bottles when they order the Valentine’s Day menu! Don’t offer wine by the bottle? Have your bartenders experiment and get creative on Cupid themed drinks, so you can offer both alcoholic and non-alcoholic themed beverages. Get creative this Valentine's Day and give your customers a night they will never forget!


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