Preparing your Restaurant for the Colder Season

Preparing your Restaurant for the Colder Season

The leaves are falling and the temperature is slowly dropping. While fall might have just greeted us, winter isn’t too far behind. Speaking of fall, the cold weather can have an effect on the buying habits of your customers. Many restaurant and food service operators have expressed that bad weather typically comes with a drop in their sales. You can beat this fall in sales and combat the cold with these great tips:


Patio Heaters

Lots of restaurants have outdoor dining areas and just because the weather is blowing, the cold your way doesn’t necessarily mean you have to close your patio for the season. Buying a portable and easily movable patio heater will help keep your customers warm. This strategy works well because it allows you to open up more tables where customers can eat—more tables equal more profits. In addition, the fact that your customers would be able to eat outdoors in cold weather while keeping warm and comfortable could potentially draw in some customers to your restaurant versus your competition.


Offer Warm Dishes and Specials

Cold foods are not typically someone’s go-to when the snow starts falling. It’s time to feature the warm foods on your menu to fill your customers' stomachs. You can get creative with this strategy. You can stick to beverages: offering coffees, teas, hot chocolate, and holiday-themed beverages. You could also feature your homemade soups and stews: chicken noodle soup, vegetable soup, or chili.


Host Happy Hour

Help your customers escape the winter chill with drink specials from 4pm-6pm. While another great way to keep warm, hosting a happy hour during the winter will also get your customers in the spirit of the holidays. You can serve and put your own twist on some fan-favorite beverages like hot chocolate, eggnog, Irish coffee, cider, wine, and much more.


Cater to your Hibernating Customers

At the end of the day, not everyone enjoys the cold weather and would much rather stay inside. You can accommodate to those valued customers by offering a delivery service. In addition, this is also a great opportunity to pump up your social media presence. A lot of people will be wrapped up in blankets on their couch scrolling through their activity feeds. Take this opportunity to upload pictures of fresh, piping hot, mouth-watering dishes being prepared in the kitchen. 


How Zanduco Can Help Keep your Restaurant Warm for the Winter

Zanduco has a great selection of patio heaterswater boilerscountertop food warmers and bar supplies to keep your food primed and ready for when winter blows into town. Some additional ways to keep prepared for the cold would be to invest in and/or inspect your reliable heater, salt and shovel your entrances, keep your pipes properly insulated and prepare for the worst—snowstorms and power outages.


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