Prepare Yourself for the Spooki-Mess

Prepare Yourself for the Spooki-Mess

Halloween is a holiday that most people think is stress-free because of the lack of family-centered, big feasts and presents that other holidays are filled with. Unfortunately, people are often thrown for a loop with the unconventional holiday stress that they aren’t aware come with this holiday! Don’t worry! We are here to help with useful tips and recipes to help lessen the stress! We have some ideas and products that will make your Halloween festivities go by with a breeze and be fun while your doing it!  

First things first, Halloween costumes—whether for yourself or your children—are never an easy thing and they are expensive! Here are some DIY Halloween costumes, which can be made in little time and on a budget!  

Apart from dressing up as your favourite ghoul or ghost, Halloween is known for massive amounts of candy. While that’s all well and fun, Halloween is a holiday that accepts eating copious amounts of sweets and treats. Now before you get cooking, get prepared! Equip your kitchen with the materials and products you need to make these recipes easier for yourself, which you can find here!

What you'll need:

A cookie tray, or bun pan, is a must-have accessory for baking or cooking. Whether for cookies or for baking potatoes, cookie trays open your kitchen up to a multitude of recipes. Whether you are baking cookies, cupcakes, cakes, or bread, a cooling rack is a helpful accessory to properly cool your items, as well as a helpful tool to increase productivity!

While most of the baking supplies are necessary to cook, like measuring cups and muffin trays, an easy accessory to allow you to take part in the festive holiday treats are pastry bags and tips!

Cupcakes are always an easy and fun holiday treat, as the only thing that has to change between holidays is the icing! These cupcakes are simple and easy. They will be easy even for kids to decorate!

Looking for something with a little less sugar? This potato skin recipe has the right idea! Want to make it easier? Instead of potatoes, use dough or English muffins! Or make them bite size for a party appetizer! Not only are they easy to make, they are easy to bake! Use a cookie sheet to line up as many as you want!

Can’t find anything that sweetens your tooth? Check out our Halloween board on Pinterest for more ideas on festive treats, appetizers, and drinks!

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