Outfitting a Convenience Store

Outfitting a Convenience Store

Forgot something during your weekend errands? Running short on time and need a quick bite to eat? In these situations, most people would turn to a convenience store. From food to toiletries, convenience stores are the leaders of one-stop shopping. Bringing a service like this to the public is a great benefit. It’s one thing to provide the products and essentials, but how do you play to hold and present them? Good equipment and choice products go hand in hand. Before you light up your “open” sign, here’s a list of equipment that will help a convenience store thrive.


Chest Freezers

Add more sufficient storage for your frozen products for your home or business with our variety of commercial chest freezers. Chest freezers provide you with ample space that a regular freezer just cannot provide. Your bulked frozen food, like ice cream, microwave dinners ice, and packaged vegetables, will be well insulated in a commercial chest freezer. We carry a variety of sizes depending on ample freezer storage you need for everyday use.


Countertop Display Cases

Merchandising and display refrigeration units are the perfect addition for your establishment, as they fill unneeded space. Counter top refrigerated showcases allow you to display your products at the temperatures they need to be in to stay fresh. Zanduco’s commercial merchandisers will increase sales and decrease labour costs because the products are in full display for all to see. Some of our display cases have sliding doors in the front and back, which allow for easy customer accessibility.


Food Display & Merchandising

With the right display, you will be sure to see an increase in sales! People eat with their eyes, so you want to ensure that you are doing everything you can to maximize visual display. Whether you’re selling pastries and cakes, deli meat, pizza, or hot food, don’t let it do all the work on its own. With our large size selection of commercial display warmers and merchandising, choose the food display that will function the best for your establishment.


Glass Door Merchandisers

Zanduco’s glass door refrigerators and freezers are perfect for grocery stores, convenience stores, and any other type of food establishment. With Zanduco’s large selection, including True Refrigeration merchandisers, we carry all sizes, with the option of slide or swing doors. Perfect for establishments that carry similar items of the same product, these glass door merchandisers allow you to put your products on display in an appealing and organized fashion.



Quickly prepare and reheat food with a commercial microwave oven. Don’t waste your time or money with an ordinary residential microwave that will not do your prepared food justice! Panasonic microwave ovens, ranging from light duty to heavy duty, are are ideal to have in your convenience store.


Floor Model Refrigerated Display Cases

Refrigerated display cases are a necessity for any food service establishment that works with employees behind the counter. Optimize space and reduce workload by outfitting your establishment with display cases that are easily accessible to your customers. Open refrigerated display cases are ideal for beverages and pre-made food and snacks. Featuring LED lighting, digital temperature controls, and stainless steel removable shelves, these display cases can be fitted to meet your establishment’s specific needs.


Slush Machines

Slush/Granita machines are the perfect beverage attraction for any cafeteria, convenience store, movie theatre, ice-cream store or fast food establishment. Zanduco carries stainless steel slush machines with 2 compartments, perfect for a varying variety of flavors. The Bunn Gourmet Ice Systems are available in either black or white, whichever matches your unique establishment’s needs.


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