New Year’s Eve Prep for Bars and Clubs

New Year’s Eve Prep for Bars and Clubs

2018 is only in a few weeks. Bars and clubs are going to be packed with people celebrating New Year’s Eve. Is your establishment New-Year’s Eve-proof and ready for anything? If you’re still looking for some products to complete your establishment or just need a quick rundown of some essentials, Zanduco is here to take the stress away from planning.


Bar Supplies

We carry items you need to be a fully stocked bar, without having to worry about waste and space! Fill your speed rails and trays with colour coded pourers to keep your frequently used drink mixes close at hand! Avoid inefficiency and low productivity by optimizing the limited space behind your bar!


Underbar Refrigerators

Our wide selection of under-bar refrigerators include varying sizes, materials, capacity, and styles are the ultimate space saving solution for your bar, club, or restaurant! Choose from solid or glass doors, and depending on the layout of your bar, slide or swing doors! Perfect to line the back of your bar with, and the useful close-at-hand storage minimizes the time bartenders have to stock up!


Server Supplies & Accessories

The use of trays and check holders in restaurants and banquet halls increases the establishment’s standards by being presented as efficient as well as experienced. Anti-skid mats available for trays carrying a variety of precarious beverages. A large selection of bar supplies and service tools are available to meet any and all types of customer requests and to help your establishment run smoothly.


Tabletop Accessories

Add some brightness and pizazz to your tables with some candle lamps. Our Neo-Image candle lamps are smokeless and odorless. Their space saving design provides small table footprint cost effective lighting option liquid glow cartridge contains clean and pure burning liquid paraffin.


Facility Maintenance and Safety Products

Facility Maintenance and safety products available for your restaurant, casino, or bar! Safety products are necessary to ensure the wellbeing of your employees and customers. Wet floor signs should be placed before and after the cleaning process to alert passer-byers of the possible wet or damp floor!


Smoker Poles & Urns

Be accommodating to all guests in an efficient and clean way! Rubbermaid cigarette urns, poles, and groundskeepers are available in various colours to blend in and accommodate to your establishment’s outdoor décor and exterior! These smoker urns and poles keep the outside of your establishment clean and organized and ensure that smoking waste isn’t tossed aside or in another garbage can.


Bussing & Utility Carts

Provide your busy restaurant with a bussing cart, so clearing tables is a breeze! Bussing & utility carts available in stainless steel, grey or black plastic, and cantilever style, are convenient will maximize efficiency with ease at your establishment! These three-shelf transportation and bussing carts are able to hold three dish bins, a more efficient way to safely transport more dishes and items.


Ice Shaver

Our durable, easy-to-use, and easy-to-clean ice shavers are perfect for home and commercial use. Create a crushed or snow-ice effect on cocktails that also compliment the winter season. This tool is ideal for bars, restaurants, fish shops, and caterers.


Bar Mats

During your constant service, give your staff a comfortable mat that also keeps your bar’s surface easy to maintain. Our anti-fatigue mats provide the ultimate comfort for your staff members that are on their feet for hours at a time. The design and material work together to prevent tripping hazards.


Crowd Control

These crowd control systems are perfect to properly organize lines and separate areas during busy times or for safety reasons. Stanchions allow for increased efficiency and controlled customer care, with the ability to easily adjust the systems when the traffic flow changes.


Dishwashing Equipment

Keep your food and beverages looking even more presentable by ensuring that sparkle and shine are on every dish! Our selections of name-brand dish washing machines have various size and temperature configurations. We’ll help you find the machine that meets your needs!


More Plans of Action

While having the right equipment is important, you need to have a game plan for one of the most hectic nights of the year.

  • Keep an inventory check list
  • Have enough staff members for the evening
  • Advertise on social media, using print and throughout your establishment
  • Run special promotions
  • Provide entertainment such as music, games and other activities


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