The Mistakes Made When Buying Commercial Kitchen Equipment

The Mistakes Made When Buying Commercial Kitchen Equipment

For restaurant owners running a commercial kitchen, it’s important to understand the challenges involved in buying commercial kitchen equipment. Many taking on this process make simple and avoidable mistakes. In this latest post, we’ll present the mistakes made when buying commercial kitchen equipment.


Not bringing in the rest of the team

Making sure that the rest of the team is involved in the commercial kitchen equipment selection process is critical. The process can help introduce you to the team member’s concerns and help you to align your business objectives with the key challenges facing your team. The process also ensures that individual team members feel autonomy in making choices for the organization, building confidence in their working environment.


Only speaking with one salesperson

One of the leading mistakes companies make is only speaking with one salesperson when making a buying decision. The process involves working with a number of professionals to choose the right equipment for the organization. Make sure you have information from a number of sources before moving forward in making a decision. Over time, this comprehensive research will help you to reduce costs and achieve greater equipment durability.


Not considering current equipment

Which equipment has been shown to offer the best value for money for your company within its current kitchen operations? Does the brand offer similar equipment which can be integrated into your current setup? Review the brand’s full range of options and try to find reviews online to ensure the equipment matches their current high standards.


Failing to consider warranties

Not every piece of equipment you buy is going to work effectively from the moment it’s purchased. If you buy a piece of equipment that doesn’t suit your organization, you might need to use the warranty to return it. When buying commercial kitchen equipment, make sure you take the time to consider the warranties included with the product and speak to the supplier about your post-sale options.


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