Kitchen Equipment Capable of Changing Restaurant Culture

Kitchen Equipment Capable of Changing Restaurant Culture

Authentic “real” food is being searched out by a more health-conscious society today. People are no longer willing to make the trade-off in regards to their health for a quick inexpensive meal. In fact, people are willing to spend a little more and even wait an extra few minutes for a more natural version of a food or beverage item. With nutrition reports being published and shared everyday, people are becoming more informed in the role food can play in restoring and promoting health. This has created a major shift in thinking by restaurants, bakeries, and cafés to adopt a culture of authenticity and health consciousness in their menu. Don't be left in the dust as other restaurants adopt a healthier approach to eating. Upgrade your kitchen equipment and begin to transform raw ingredient's into a more authentic, healthy version of traditional menu items!


Kitchen Equipment Made Easy with Zanduco

With over 60 years of experience in the restaurant equipment & supplies industry, Zanduco's industry connections can help your business attain competitive pricing and a wide selection of kitchen equipment.


Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

Our Lodge Cast Iron Cookware is a versatile piece of equipment that can be interchangeably used between the stove and oven. Its history goes back thousands of years and has proven to last the test of time. Our naturally seasoned cast iron cookware requires less oil during the cooking process, giving a chance for the true taste of the food to be discovered. Naturally seasoned cast iron cookware also comes with the benefit of not containing the harmful chemicals present in other non-stick cookware, which can at times be incorporated into the food during the cooking process.


Zumoval Citrus Juicer

Our line of Zumoval Citrus Juicers is capable of juicing 15 oranges per minute, equivalent to 200 litres per hour. With heavy-duty motors and gears manufactured from stainless steel, the exclusive design of the Zumoval citrus fruit squeezer means the peel is not pressed during the squeezing process, but separated from the flesh. So start serving vitamin C rich orange juice throughout the day and begin establishing a culture of health and freshness within your place of business! Take a look at our different categories of kitchen equipment and restaurant supplies and see how we can help your business move forward in an age of health consciousness and wellness on Zanduco's website.

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