Doughnuts Making a Comeback In Commercial Kitchens

Doughnuts Making a Comeback In Commercial Kitchens

It’s hard to deny the increasing popularity of doughnut products and pop-up shops around the country; for years’ consumers’ were turning away from the sugary snack in hopes of not blowing up their daily calorie count.  However, with new research promoting a more balanced diet allowing for cheat meals and snacks to prevent burning out, snacks such as doughnuts are making a comeback.  Another driving force behind this trend is the 'new' pastry chef who is creating more complex works of art in the form of desserts, and many restaurants are beginning to see the benefit of having a talented pastry chef on board who can drive traffic into the store.  Check out the 10 Extremely Creative Doughnuts That Will Make You Drool published by Mental Floss, including a Breaking Bad inspired theme.

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According to the NPD Group, a market and advisory service group, Canadians ate more than 521 million doughnuts last year alone—which would mark a 10% increase compared to the previous year.

There is no doubt that Canadians have a love affair with the deep fried snack. Here at Zanduco, we carry many donut making accessories like wire donut baskets for your commercial kitchen. We are a trusted source for commercial kitchen equipment to numerous businesses in the restaurant, bakery, and café industry.

Take for example our 12" x 18" x 2" doughnut basket, an accessory made to hold your raw doughnuts as they cook in the deep fryer with a nickel plated finish. We also have a stainless steel doughnut cutter, 3” in diameter which makes for an efficient tool when making large batches of doughnuts. Our Imperial 50 lb. Electric Fryer comes with optional casters for easy movement around the kitchen and a 27 L oil capacity to dunk your large batch of doughnuts in. Let Zanduco continue to be your #1 source for commercial kitchen equipment.

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