The Benefits of Owning Cast Iron Cookware

The Benefits of Owning Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron cookware has proven to be a useful tool in the kitchen and its money-saving, cooking, and health benefits follow. While the pans may be heavy, it won't weigh down the advantages and overall improvement in your cooking. Here are some reasons why a cast iron skillet will benefit your commercial or residential kitchen.



Being one of the most inexpensive cookware items available, cast iron lets you keep some money in your pocket. You may find yourself spending about $100 for a satisfactory stainless steel pan, while a cast iron skillet costs roughly $25. This simple switch could save you approximately $75!


Adds Iron to Food

This is a very helpful health benefit to those who are iron deficient. Some of the mineral iron gets transferred from the skillet to your food during cooking. In addition, you'll be straying away from any Teflon toxins and fumes that other non-stick pans might have.


Non-stick surface

A correctly seasoned cast iron skillet with oil creates a non-stick surface. Simply wipe it down with a thin layer of canola oil and place it in your oven at 250 degrees for approximately 90 minutes. Once it has cooled, wipe down the pan. You can also buy cast iron skillets pre-seasoned. Your skillet will get better with time as the oil you cook with penetrates the seasoning.


Almost Indestructible

Over a hundred drops to the floor won't damage this cookware. While they can rust and scratches can appear, it is easily fixable and it can always be re-seasoned. As long as you properly take care of it, your cookware could outlast you!


Requires Less Oil

Given its non-stick surface, you'll refrain from using much oil. In addition to less wasted oil, your dishes will also be low in fat—another health benefit. As you use your cast iron cookware over time, the minimal use of oil will build and bake into the surface.


Food Cooks Evenly

Whether you’re cooking on a low heat or high heat setting, cast iron skillets hold heat longer than other pans. Put this to the test by cooking over a fire. The thermal conductivity keeps your food from burning and creates perfect browning.



A cast iron skillet is multi-functional and can adapt to several types of cooking. It can be used on a stove or in an oven and is suitable for baking, sautéing, roasting, broiling, grilling, and frying.


Things to Remember

  • Avoid using soap to clean your skillet. Soap will break up the oil molecules that are embedded on the pan, thus taking away the non-stick surface.
  • Stay away from cooking acidic foods in your cast iron skillet. The acidity will react heavily to the iron and end up creating a metallic taste in your food.
  • Don't leave your cast iron cookware in the sink. This makes your cookware more prone to rusting.


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