Learn how to make beef jerky using a dehydrator!

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In this video, learn how to marinate, prepare, and dry beef to produce delicious dried beef jerky! Conveniently dehydrate vegetable chips, fruit snacks, and meat jerky quickly and efficiently! This commercial dehydrator is made of stainless steel, built-in rear-mounted fan, a heating element (1000 W) and thermostatic control. Dehydrators eliminate the need for additives and preservatives, […]

All About Cheese Melters!

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Also known as ‘finishing ovens’, these units are perfect for the last step before service; whether you’re ahead of the rush and quickly need to melt cheese, or falling behind and need to keep certain dishes warm. Visit our website for details and prices!: https://www.zanduco.com/us/36-natural… Click the image below to get informed! Connect with Us! Pinterest https://ar.pinterest.com/Zanduco/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Zanduco.Rest… […]