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Your Commercial Food Dehydrator Buyer’s Guide

Your Commercial Food Dehydrator Buyer’s Guide

For restaurants and food product companies that want to do something a little different, a commercial food dehydrator can provide a lot of unique menu offerings. For example, you could use it to create your own jerky, or make a trail mix with dehydrated fruits and vegetables. You could also grow your own herbs and spices and dehydrate them to be stored and used at a later date.

Food dehydrators help retain the high nutritional value and vitamins present in raw food by simply removing the moisture. Dried foods can be healthier and tastier than cooked food items. However, you might be wondering more about it, so the team from Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies has collected some informative insight for you here!

What Can I Process in a Food Dehydrator?

Wondering what you can cook in a food dehydrator? Well, you can dehydrate nearly anything you can think of, from grains, meats, and flowers, to fruits and vegetables. It’s the perfect piece of kitchen equipment to make things like fruit leather or granola, as well as more difficult recipes like fresh yogurt, which requires a warm, steady temperature to ferment properly.

What Are the Benefits of Commercial Food Dehydrators?

The three primary benefits of food dehydrators are that they’re:

  • Cost-Effective: Dehydrating food products will also help prevent spoilage and make your food items last much longer. The added shelf life ensures that you’re not throwing money away due to wasted food.


  • Easy to Use: Anyone can use a food dehydrator once they get the hang of it. And they dry out food so slowly that there’s hardly ever a situation where you can ruin an entire batch of food, making it ideal for every type of chef.
  • Healthy: As mentioned above, dehydrated food can be extremely healthy. This is because food dehydrators preserve the natural nutrients that exist in food; many of these nutrients are lost during the cooking process. Additionally, by preserving your own food, you’ll also be avoiding many of the additives and increased salt included in many of today’s canned foods.

Before You Go...

Before we let you go, there are a few things to consider when investing in a commercial food dehydrator, such as its wattage, size, capacity, as well as the timers it has, and whether it offers stackable solutions to optimize space.

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