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Ways to Increase Your Restaurant’s Sales in the Summer

Ways to Increase Your Restaurant’s Sales in the Summer

School’s out for summer…almost! Everyone’s getting ready for longer days, warm weather and keeping cool. This is the ideal time of year for promotions that will get your customers lining up at the doors. This season will be jam-packed with weddings, graduations, tourists and statutory holidays; a perfect opportunity to promote your brand’s goods and services. If you don’t have your summer marketing plan finalized, here’s your official cheat sheet!


Pump up Your Social Media Presence

Keep your customers informed! Starting a summer social media campaign or promotion puts your company out in the open for all to see. Some examples of boosting your online presence would be posting colorful, refreshing drinks, post new items from your summer menu, and creating a hashtag to keep your business trending. Some events you could host and then post about on social media are creating contests for free products, or starting a fundraiser where proceeds are donated to a charity of your choosing.

Live Music or Update Playlist

Music can set the tone and atmosphere for any gathering. Staying current, while adding a few oldies and one-hit wonders, is the best direction for a restaurant music playlist. During the summer months, there are plenty of songs that practically scream “summer” and give off a sunny tone and style.
If you’re leaning towards live music, a guitarist or two with some harmonies compliments most places, bars especially. Host a night that features an artist; bringing some authentic tunes. This is also a very interactive experience for customers. Lastly, in addition to interactive, hosting a karaoke night will get everyone in the best of spirits.

Delivery Service

A lot of the things we purchase nowadays are instantaneous or more easily accessible with the touch of a button. Having the option of a delivery service can increase profits, Internet traffic, SEO rankings and your online following. This is also effective because while people might want an in-restaurant dining experience, they don’t have the time. A delivery service sends the message that you sympathize with your customers and overall convenience, and it shows that your business/brand can tackle a grand scale of exposure to both online customers and in-restaurant customers. Check out Zanduco’s pizza delivery bags, perfect for keeping pizzas and small to medium packaged meals at the perfect temperature.

Summer Specials on Menu

For a limited time only, see what’s popular at the farmers market during the summer season and incorporate new meals to your summer menu. A new spread of colorful and tasty meals will give your customers the culinary adventure they’ve been looking for. To prepare these meals, visit our kitchen equipment section that includes a variety of cooking equipment, food processors, dough mixers, toasters, meat grinders and so much more!

Restaurant Décor

Windows cracked open, fans blowing, patio sets, bar stools and more! Whether you want to add a touch of fiesta or throw some topical vibes in the atmosphere, decorating your restaurant to fit the season sets the mood for your customers and staff. Zanduco has some great furniture and décor that is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Our commercial patio heaters will help extend your outdoor seating season and keep your customers warm. Your outdoor patio will be complete with our wide selection of outdoor tables that are both sturdy and can complement many restaurant settings.

Outdoor Grilling

Get creative with showcasing new summer menu items with outdoor grilling. Crown Verity has a high quality selection of mobile grills that a perfect for any outdoor cooking. Bring the 60″ Natural Gas Mobile Grill outside your building for an interactive, hot-of-the-grill experience that your customers will appreciate. If you’re based in a downtown area where people pass by regularly, then this would be an ideal marketing strategy.

Promote Holidays and National Food Holidays

The biggest holidays during the summer would have to be Canada Day and Independence Day. But don’t let that stop you from having a celebration for food! While food holidays aren’t statutory, it’s a chance for restaurants to add some fun and extra promoting to their business. Here are some examples of food related holidays that fall in the summer months:

June 2nd – National Rotisserie Chicken Day
June 4th – National Cheese Day
July 13th – National French Fry Day
July 29th – National Lasagna Day
August 18th – National Fajita Day
August 24th – National Waffle Day

Alcohol Tasting

For your adult customers, create a stand or booth where they can sample either a new alcohol or new featured drink on your menu. This interactive experience is also a chance for your staff to talk about the food, beverages and all-around service of your business. For daiquiris, margaritas and other cocktails, look to Zanduco for our unique selection of commercial blenders, designed to crush ice and frozen fruit, and blend easily for smooth, refreshing results.

Soft Serve and Chilled Drinks

What better way to cool down from a scorching day than with some ice cream? Chilled drinks and desserts are always a crowd pleaser during the summer months. Store your collections of soft serves in one of our ice cream freezers that are perfect for increasing impulse sales. Zanduco also has milkshake machines for preparing rich and creamy milkshakes. For a fruitier take, try one of our slush machines, which are perfect for convenience stores, concession stands and fairs. 

Partner with Local Hotels/Motels/Hostels

One word; tourism. Many countries get visitors from other towns and/or overseas during the summer months. Partnering with local hotels, motels or hostels can do a number of beneficial things such as reduce food waste, extra accommodation. These partnerships can include coupons and deals for hotel guests, allowing them to save money as they travel and drive more traffic to your establishment.