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A Hot Water Boiler & Dispenser Buyer’s Guide

Adding hot beverages like tea, coffee, and more to your restaurant menu can allow you to expand your offerings and draw more customers. After all, who doesn’t like a warm drink on a cold Canadian winter day? However, there is a range of options out there, so having a few facts about them always helps.

As one of the area’s leading suppliers of commercial bar service and tableware products, the team from Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies has collected some insight for you below.

How Will Hot Water Boilers & Dispensers Help My Business?

As mentioned above, the biggest way boilers and dispensers can help your business is by providing opportunities to expand your bar and beverage offerings. This can draw in more customers and enable you to offer unique beverages that aren’t offered elsewhere. A hot water boiler/dispenser can also make it much easier on your staff to make hot drinks, eliminating the need to take up valuable stovetop space to put the kettle on or boil water the old-fashioned way.

What’s the Difference Between Manual & Plumbed Water Boilers?

When it comes to water boilers and dispensers, there are two main types: manual water-fill ones and plumbed ones. The right one for you depends upon what your needs will be. One of the benefits of manual water-fill boilers and dispensers is that since they’re not connected to the main water line, they can be easily moved from place to place.

Plumbed water boilers and dispensers do have their benefits, however, especially for high-volume restaurants or kitchens that require easy access to hot water at all times during the day. These appliances can often be installed on the countertop or kitchen and are connected to the main plumbing line, which refills them automatically.  

Consider the Best Output for Your Commercial Kitchen’s Needs 

Hot water boilers and dispensers come in three sizes based on their output volume: low, medium, and high. Generally, low volume appliances are perfect for catered events and buffets, medium-sized ones for cleaning and prepping instant foods and beverages like tea, coffee, grits, oatmeal, potatoes, and gravy. High-volume boilers/dispensers are ideal for high-volume settings that require a 50-gallon tank or more. 

Other key features of water boilers and dispensers include:
• Dial Controls
• Digital Controls
• LED Displays
• Programming Technology
• & More

For more about our hot water boilers check out this informative video!

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