Omcan Turbovac Mobile Vacuum Packaging Machine with 19.5" Seal Bar - 3 Phase 41327

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Turbovac Mobile Vacuum Packaging Machine with 19.5" Seal Bar - 3 Phase 41327

Our Turbovac vacuum packaging machines have been redesigned to make the machines easier to use and maintain. The full range of machines and available options makes it easy to select the best solution for your packaging needs. All models have hygienic easy-to-clean vacuum chambers, easily removable seal beams and silicon bars for easy cleaning. Intuitive digital control unit detects automatically the optimum vacuum level for products with high moisture content, preventing moisture to be evaporated out of the product.

New Digital Control Unit with LCD

For our new line of machines, the control unit is completely redesigned. Simplicity was the
starting point. Our smaller machines have a control unit with the basic settings. The plug-and-play design of the machines  akes installation easy and does not require any adjustments in 90% of the situations. For special packaging requirements the machine offers the flexibility to adjust sealing time and vacuum time. The vacuum time can be set and the vacuum level reached can be monitored with the vacuum meter.

The professional machines are standard equipped with a digital LCD control unit with 10 programs. The more advanced machines are equipped with a 10 program sensor control system which actually measures the vacuum in the vacuum chamber. The time controlled machines can easily be converted into sensor controlled machines later on. The sensor measures evaporation when moist products or liquids, like sauces, are being packed. At this optimum point moisture is extracted from the product causing it to dry out, loose weight or start bubbling and spilling over. The sensor detects this point immediately as being the optimum level where all air and oxygen has been removed and continues the cycle by sealing the package.

The digital LCD control unit allows all settings to be easily changed. An unique indication gives the operator the option for letting the pump run for several cycles after finishing the operation. This will extend the periods between oil change and extending the life time of the pump by removing moisture from the oil in the system. The control panel has also a clear indication for upcoming service intervention.

Sensor or Time Control

10 program machine can later on be converted into a sensor controlled machine. With a time controlled vacuum machine a time is set and the vacuum level can be monitored with an analog vacuum meter. Excellent vacuum levels can be reached but indication of the vacuum meter is less accurate then a digital controlled unit. With a sensor controlled machine the vacuum is measured with a sensor with very high accuracy and the results are digitally displayed. This results in shorter cycle times because when the desired vacuum level is reached the machine will immediately start the next operation. The total cycle time will be shorter than with a time controlled machine. The 10 program time controlled machine can later on be equipped with a sensor. (not possible for the 1 program time controlled machine)


3 Product ranges:
1. Transparent cover, visual control, for example packaging moist and liquid products
2. All stainless steel heavy duty industrial range. Constructed with Busch pump. Easy-to-clean flat working surface
3. Aluminium range, an excellent price/quality value


Aluminum Cover & Chamber with 19.5” Seal Length, 3-phase

SEAL LENGTH: 19.68” / 500mm
CHAMBER SIZE (DWH) : 19.68” x 19.68”
ELECTRICAL: 220v/60hz/3ph
NET WEIGHT: 330 lbs. / 150 kg
DIMENSIONS (DWH) : 26.77” x 27.36” x 40.75”   



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