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Pizza Ovens

Pizza Ovens

No space for a wood burning pizza oven? Now you can make delicious pizzas without having to sacrifice much needed space! Single and double chamber pizza ovens available. The Entry Max pizza ovens are practical and optimal for cafes, restaurants and bakeries looking to make pizzas, bread, and much more! These ovens are practical and functional for any sized kitchen. Slow day? Opt for 2 single chamber pizza ovens, rather than a double chamber, to accommodate the fluctuating pace of your establishment!

When it comes to making pizza, there's a lot to recommend wood-fired ovens.  Wood ovens burn extremely hot and can make pizza quite quickly.  A proper Neapolitan pizza only takes 90 seconds in a wood oven!  If the oven is sufficiently large, you can move a lot of pizzas, much more quickly than if you're using gas or electricity.

Pizza deck ovens are designed for creating a quicker, more even baked pizza. This crust gives the pizza a more authentic flavor. Having a short cavity also reduces energy consumption since the oven has less space to heat.

Pizza deck ovens can accommodate large, diverse menus. Pizza deck ovens are less expensive in comparison to wood burning ovens. Deck pizza ovens are optimal for pizzerias or businesses that need to produce a high volume of deck-oven pizza. Most units that have multiple decks have independent controls for the temperature, enabling you to cook different pizzas at the same time.

Also, wood-burning ovens are somewhat limited in what they can cook - primarily pizzas, calzones, and other similar bread-based foods.  For a wood-burning oven to be worth the investment and upkeep, you'll need to have a strong pizza focus.

The other alternative is to get a more standard electric or gas pizza oven.  These tend to take up less space than wood-fired ovens and can be more easily used on a wider variety of baked foods.  They also don't require you to keep stocks of wood on-hand.  

However, you don't get the smokey flavor of wood, and your pizza offerings may be seen as a bit more mundane as a result.

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