Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies Setting the Standard for Commercial Kitchen Equipment in Canada

Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies Setting the Standard for Commercial Kitchen Equipment in Canada

When selecting their kitchen equipment, restaurant owners require products that combine durability with exceptional performance. Only by working with expert suppliers can restaurateurs find the requisite equipment for their kitchen environment. It’s the reason why Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies has become one of the most popular names within the commercial kitchen equipment field. The company offers one of the most comprehensive selections of restaurant products at the lowest pricing within the marketplace and they’re now inviting all restaurant owners to review their selection ready for business in 2015.

Zanduco thrives on offering the latest equipment within the commercial kitchen equipment marketplace. In fact, the company brings new items to their catalogue every day. Their product experts can help restaurant owners find the equipment they require and then ship the equipment directly to their restaurant within an industry-leading turnaround time.

Within the company’s commercial kitchen equipment selection is their range of refrigerated display cases. These products are designed to help restaurants showcase their desserts and other refrigerated food products to patrons while keeping the item fresh and appealing over several hours. It’s the type of product that can make an immediate impression within an open restaurant environment.

A leading piece of equipment from the Zanduco selection is the Garland X36-6R Sunfire™ X Series 36" Restaurant Range with 6 Burners and 26" Oven. The leading-class Sunfire® Restaurant Range features six open burners with a 26” oven space for exceptional spatial requirements within fast-moving restaurant operations. The product also features durable and easy-to-read control knobs, so it’s a system that’s designed for intuitive use within the modern kitchen.

The company also offers one of the largest selections of food preparation tables, which are designed for seamless storage and handling of fresh food products. The leading advantage of integrating such equipment into the restaurant environment is that it ensures food can be prepared quickly and professionally, thereby increasing the productivity of kitchen staff. Consider for example Zanduco’s Mega Refrigerated 28" Prep Table, which is designed for sandwich preparation and comes replete with self-closing doors and a mechanical temperature controller. The Mega Refrigerated 28" Prep Table offers a shelf capacity of 90lbs and an automatic defrosting capacity to keep food in excellent condition during peak business hours. It’s the ideal equipment for a broad range of restaurants and helps ensure effective preparation work within fast-paced work environments.

Zanduco is highly committed to effective service. The company has 60 years’ experience within the food service marketplace and their sales staff are available now to answer any questions you might have regarding their latest equipment. To learn more, contact their offices directly today at 1-855-926-3826 or visit their business website here.

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