Winter is Coming…keep it healthy!

Winter is Coming…keep it healthy!

As we enter into the winter months, it gets harder and harder to eat healthier! Summer comes with fresh salads, outdoor barbequing, and colorful fruits and veggies, so the selection isn’t hard to work with to get your daily share of greens and vitamins. With fall and winter, it slowly becomes a natural choice to opt for soups rather than salads, oven roasted potatoes rather over barbeque-roasted peppers, and stews over veggie plates.  

People automatically choose to eat heartier with the colder weather, whether it be to keep warm or because it is easier to give in to the excitement of the normalcy of mashed potatoes and baked potatoes as two thirds of a meal. Don’t fret! Zanduco has the supplies you will need to encourage you and help you take steps to make sure you are getting the nutrients you need, without eliminating many of those hearty foods we all love!  

First things first: start your day off right! With a proper blender, possibilities are endless! Smoothies for breakfast can be win or lose. On one hand, they can be filled with nutrients and keep you content until your next meal. On the other hand, they can be sugar-packed with empty calories and no nutrients. Ensure you aren’t wasting your time by checking out out these healthy smoothie options! Whether for home use or for your café or food establishment, give the people what they need!  

Smoothies don’t have to be only breakfast, or only a meal, they are a healthy snack option as well! But a smoothie everyday can get tiresome for some people, so mix it up by getting your greens in other ways! The transition from summer to fall to winter is not always easy, and with daylight savings making everything dark much earlier than we have been used to, it is hard to accomplish things we previously didn’t find so hard.

It seems easier to just throw on a pot of water for pasta or to order a pizza. While those options are always great go-tos (who doesn’t love pizza?), it is difficult to feel good about what you’re eating when pasta and pizza are the two main aspects of your diet.  

Energy is very sought after at this time of year—energy to work out, energy to grocery shop, energy to cut vegetables, or energy to prepare meals. But that’s what food prep equipment is for!  

Zanduco has a large selection of food processors, which makes it easier to quickly and efficiently chop, shred, or dice vegetables and other products! Whether for your home or food establishment, find the proper food processor at Zanduco!  

Pre-plan and prepare meals for the upcoming week at one time! This saves time, as well as money, by making it easier to cook meals at home and easier to spend less money eating out!

Restaurant chefs love season transitions, as they get to incorporate different ingredients and flavors into their menus, though this isn’t always the easiest thing to do because there is so much time and effort spent on getting the hang of menu items for the kitchen staff! Make their life easier, by providing them with a life-changing Robot-Coupe! Save on labour and production costs with only one piece of kitchen equipment! A perfect addition to any commercial kitchen, grocery store, café, deli, butcher shop, or restaurant! Making life easier isn’t as hard is it seems!

Let us know how the transition has changed the way you do things! Now that the summer months have ended, so has the heat! Provide your customers with warmth by outfitting your patio with commercial patio heaters! Feel like the patio months are over? Think ahead and purchase your patio heaters now while they’re on sale!

Don’t forget! Wear a poppy and show support for our troops to show that we are thankful for everything that they do, or donate today! A small donation goes a long way!

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