Keep Foods Flavorful with Vacuum Packaging and Sous Vide Cooking

Keep Foods Flavorful with Vacuum Packaging and Sous Vide Cooking

Using vacuum packaging is the best approach to preserve your food for a longer shelf life. Sous vide, meaning under vacuum in French, gives you amazing results that you might not achieve through conventional cooking. Both techniques go hand-in-hand and using them together will get you the best results out of your food preparation. Food is placed in an embossed packaging bag and the vacuum sucks out all the air, leaving tight and compact packaging. This process is completed by slightly melting the end of the bag for an overall secure seal. The air tight seal ensures that the growth of bacteria and micro-organisms decreases. Ultimately, this will allow you to store foods longer than their expiration date without change in condition. Similar to vacuum packaging, sous vide cooking involves sealing your food in a plastic bag. The bags are then immersed in a cooker and you would then set it to your desired temperature. Once cooked, if you’re cooking steak, finish off by toasting/browning and your food will be ready to be served. You can also use sous vide cooking towards vegetables.  


Why Sous Vide Cooking?

While discovered several decades ago, this simplistic cooking technique has been recognized by more and more top leading chefs nowadays. Using sous vide gives you accurate temperature control. When cooking meats such as steak, you attain tender and flavorful meat that separates from traditional cooking. The sous vide cooker creates a damp environment around your food; cooking it with its entire natural flavors intact. If you’re cooking steak, your final results include the entirety of your steak being cooked from edge to edge, leaving a perfectly pink center.  


Zanduco’s Vacuum Packaging Machines and Sous Vide Cookers

Zanduco’s line of Turbovac machines features reliable performance, a variety of multiple configurations, and durability. Our sous vide cookers are designed to regulate the temperature up to a maximum of 185°F (85°C), and the sealed vacuum packaged bags avoid drying out, leaching, and hardening your foods. Use vacuum packaging and sous vide cooking side by side for an exceptional cooking experience.

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