Types of Kitchen Equipment Used In Food Truck's

Types of Kitchen Equipment Used In Food Truck's

Food truck's don't seem to carry the same nostalgia as they did a few years back, however with the increased notoriety of popular food truck brands such as Cousins Maine Lobster as seen on the hit show Shark Tank and hit TV shows or as The Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network, there is no sign that the industry is slowing. In fact, according to MobileCuisine.com, the food truck industry was worth $1.2 billion in 2015 and has increased over the last five years by 12%. The growth of the industry can be attributed to the considerably lower costs of starting a food truck compared to opening a brick and mortar location and the added advantage of being mobile in a world that is increasingly becoming mobile in itself.  It also doesn't hurt that food trucks are creative in nature and provide a platform for chef's to experiment—take a look at the top 10 food trucks in the U.S. according to Bustle, which include's Portland's Phat Cart carrying the recipe's of south east Asia.

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A majority of the cost's associated with starting a food truck comes with the actual truck itself, wrap, and equipment. Here at Zanduco, we can help you find kitchen equipment that will add value to your operations and ensure you don't skip a beat in dishing out the latest in culinary experience at the curb side.

Take the Dynamic MiniPro Immersion blender, small enough to be used in close quarters, but also powerful enough to be regarded as one of the best hand held blender's in the market. Light, quick, and efficient with a detachable foot, it is the perfect blender for small- to medium-sized projects in the kitchen. It also includes four interchangeable mixing blades, a detachable shaft, is lightweight, and has a variable speed motor.

Find more versatile kitchen equipment, such as the Dynamic MiniPro Immersion Blender, here at Zanduco's website.

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