Tips for Improving the Efficiency of Restaurant Equipment

Tips for Improving the Efficiency of Restaurant Equipment

Restaurant equipment must be designed to help save costs for the operator over the long-term. One of the leading challenges many restaurants are now facing is that operating costs are rising with energy prices and this means that owners are paying far more to run their equipment. In this latest post, we’ll highlight our tips for improving the efficiency of restaurant equipment.


Commit to maintenance

One of the first and most important steps in improving the efficiency of restaurant equipment is to ensure the equipment is maintained effectively. This maintenance process begins with speaking with the manufacturer about the product’s full range of maintenance needs and then determining the maintenance schedule for the equipment. Utilizing this level of maintenance can help ensure that the product works to peak performance around the clock and limits the use of energy.


Assess energy demands

Before reviewing equipment, it’s important that you assess the current use of energy within your restaurant. Commit to an overview of several months and then determine which equipment is running with high levels of energy. This should be the equipment that you target with replacement in the short term if you cannot improve its efficiency with maintenance. Make sure that your restaurant team understands the importance of energy conservation and knows the rules and regulations for working with equipment during business hours.


Book a consultation with a supplier

Make sure that you book a consultation with a restaurant equipment supplier as part of your commitment to energy conservation. The supplier can then highlight the latest ovens, dishwashers, and other kitchen equipment that have been designed for high-efficiency performance in the modern kitchen. To determine the quality of a piece of equipment in terms of efficiency, look for the EnergyStar label. These products have been assessed and have proven to offer the highest levels of energy efficiency.


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