Stay On Top of Your Busy Schedule with Meal Prep

Stay On Top of Your Busy Schedule with Meal Prep

The New Year means new ideas and new changes. Want an opportunity to explore new meal options while not having to frantically make daily meals? Give meal prep a try. Meal prep is a great way to stay on top of your busy schedule. Maybe some of you are looking to put forth a healthier lifestyle or maybe you want to incorporate brand new meal ideas into your schedule, but don’t have the time. Regardless of where you stand, meal prep just might be your saving grace and your new Sunday ritual. Don’t let the idea overwhelm you! Here are some supplies from Zanduco that will aid you into a weekly meal prep plan:



These are the highlight to your meal prep; distinguishing which foods go where and maximizing the organization in your fridge. Place labels on the sides for better distinguishing. We recommend any of our Polycarbonate Food Storage Containers, which come in both square and round shapes.  These transparent containers will keep your meals fresh and can withstand temperatures ranging from -44 to 99 degrees Celsius. They’re designed to resist food oil, acids and alcohol to extend its longevity. Lids are sold separately.


Cutting Board

Whether you’re cutting poultry, bread, or meats, having a sturdy cutting board will make your overall meal prep more efficient. Have your foods sliced or diced and ready for their containers, while your cutting board stays in top condition for the next use. We recommend this John Boos Reversible 18" X 12" X 1-1/2" Wooden Cutting Board. This board is made with hard maple edge grain construction and completed with a Boos block cream finish with beeswax. Get the most out of your meal prep with its 18” length, giving you the best space for cutting your foods. Use it to slice grilled chicken when making this delicious grilled chicken veggie bowl recipe.



Smoothies are great for an easy breakfast or snack, while giving you all the nutrients you need to take on your day. Having a good blender makes all the difference. We recommend the Waring Hi-Power Electronic Keypad Blender. This blender’s motor is the strongest in its class. Its electronic keypad couldn’t be any easier to operate. Check out this recipe for a green meal replacement smoothie; it’s superfood in one glass!


Measuring Spoons & Cups

For portion control, use measuring spoons and cups to accurately add ingredients to meals and snacks. This is ideal to use for trail mix, rice, beans, and even vegetables. In addition, use it to properly portion the food groups in your meals. We recommend a Four-Piece Measuring Spoon Set as well as a Four-Piece Measuring Cup Set. For total accuracy, use these to ensure that you’re getting the right amount of calories for your body type, leaving you satisfied. Reference these portion control tips before packaging your meals for the week.



Jars, ranging from different sizes and types, are ideal for breakfast and lunch recipes. Use the jars to create meals on-the-go such as parfaits, overnight oats, smoothies, omelettes, and pastas. Once you’ve surpassed the beginner stage of meal prep, research new Mason jar recipes to put a new spin on your food intake. We recommend the Terrine 200ml jar. This practical jar is small yet spacious for easy on-the-go meals. This jar is sold by cases of 12. Check out this recipe for overnight oats that puts a new spin on breakfast!


Roast Pans

This is one of the easiest ways to cook your poultry and vegetables all at once in half the time. Spread your foods out across your roast pan, add seasonings and oils, and pop them in the oven! Then package them accordingly when cooked. We recommend the 15 GT Wear-Ever Bake & Roast Pan. This heavy-duty pan is made with aluminum and will be a very durable addition to your kitchen. Its handles lift and lower for ease of use and storage. Your pan will be easy to clean each time, ready for the next use. Prepare your multiple meals at once or one meal in large portions, like this time saving chicken meal prep guide.


A couple hours will go a long way by preparing your meals in advance. Most importantly, you’ll be saving time and money while maintaining your healthy and fulfilling lifestyle! Visit Zanduco's website for more at-home meal prep equipment, plus hundreds of other supplies for the food service industry.

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