Science Meets Food: Incorporating Science to Your Restaurant

Science Meets Food: Incorporating Science to Your Restaurant

It’s a typical pastime to take a picture of your food when you go out to eat. Give your customers some Instagram-able food; turn your restaurant into a laboratory with some fun and create experiments…without the beakers and Bunsen burners! These concepts are part of molecular gastronomy, which blends physics and chemistry with food. Here are a few examples that you can introduce to your customers.


Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

While several restaurants have already adopted this experiment into their menu, it’s always a hit with customers. Why? When you take a spoonful of this unique dessert, smoke and fumes start to produce from your mouth and nose; almost giving off a fire breathing dragon effect! The liquid nitrogen helps to quickly freeze and preserve the nutrients of your ice cream mixture when preparing. The best part is that it takes one minute to make! Feeling skeptical? Don’t worry! Liquid nitrogen is completely tasteless, odorless, and non-toxic!

*Liquid nitrogen is 320 degrees below zero and can cause frost burns to skin. Wear gloves and safety goggles when handling the substance.


Cocktail Mixology

The possibilities are endless with cocktails; creating new flavors and creating a drink that’s both pleasing to the mouth and eyes. Some ingredients you can look into using are dry ice, xanthan gum, food-infused alcohol, gelatin, carbonation, cotton candy, and calcium lactate gluconate. You can even pair foods, desserts, or snacks with the creations you come up with. Creating a new hit drink at your establishment can be exciting, but make sure to have people test out your drink. There are some flavors that just don’t mix!


Sous Vide Cooking

Sous vide cooking is nothing new, especially to the food and restaurant industry. But this underwater cooking can produce some excellent results to steak, ribs, fish, eggs, vegetables, and other foods. Vacuum packaging foods ultimately increases the shelf life of your food, but cooking the packaged food in a sous vide bath at a controlled temperature gives some flavor-punching dishes. If you have an open kitchen layout, you could cook and show your customers exactly how their food is being prepared.


Desserts with Syringes

An experiment perhaps for your younger and millennial customers, injecting some fan-favorite flavors into a doughnut, piece of cake, or other dessert doesn’t get any sweeter. This small addition has become widely successful to establishments selling these infusions. To add a visual, stick plastic syringes in to the dessert, or provide plain bite-sized treats with the syringe on the side so your customers can inject with the flavor of the customer’s choosing; like Nutella, jam, caramel, hot fudge and whipped cream.


Blow Torched Food

Can you handle the heat? Blow torches are typically used to brown or caramelize foods.  You can use a blow torch towards searing crème brûlée, marshmallows, fish, pizza, peppers, sous vide steak, lamb, or mac and cheese. Some people might be hesitant using a torch to burn food, but adding a hot crunch to certain foods can be very complimentary to the overall taste. With extra precaution, torching dishes can be done at your customer’s table to add a visual effect on your dish’s presentation. You can even use a blow torch to bring a cocktail to life!

*A blow torch is not a toy and is extremely hot. Give your staff the proper training needed to handle a torch and keep out of reach of children.


Dark Dining

Dark dining is a concept that not a lot of establishments have adopted. The idea behind dark dining is that the restaurant is completely dark and, with the assistance of the night-vision-google-wearing staff, you enjoy a series of surprise dishes. This concept might be a head-scratcher, but the main objective is bringing about sensory analysis. It has been said and studied that if one of the five senses is impaired, the other four will be heightened. In this case, your sense of smell and taste would be heightened.


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