Why the Santos 62 is the Blender You Need for Your Home

Why the Santos 62 is the Blender You Need for Your Home

Is your blender keeping you from creating your breakfast smoothies, party cocktails, milkshakes, and so on? Don’t let it stop you from bringing out your inner chef. The world is your oyster when you have a reliable blender; you can create an array of food and drinks. Now you can take your inner cook to the next level with Santos’ #62 Brushless Blender.

You can make any kind of cocktails, smoothies, fruit juices, milkshakes, granitas, and iced coffee frappes with the Blender #62. The brushless blender fits everywhere thanks to its sober design and its low overall dimensions. It can be used equally in its standard version or in-counter version to save space. It’s easy to fit onto a counter with simple and quick dismantling. Its new sound enclosure reduces the noise levels and the brushless motor is very quiet. While an ideal appliance for juice bars, coffee shops, fast food establishments, and hotels, this blender works great in residential homes. Unlike universal motors, brushless motors have no brushes, which give it a long lifetime, excellent energy efficiency, and a low noise level. This blender is light years ahead in terms of sustainable development. 



  • Silent brushless motor
  • 17 HP
  • 2500 – 15000 rounds per minute
  • Dual crushing action
  • 4L / 2.5 Qts. production per hour
  • Extra strong blade mounted on ball bearings
  • Removable sound enclosure with seal
  • Illuminated touchpad control panel in glass; impossible to scratch
  • LCD display
  • Motors stops when the sound enclosure is opened
  • USB port to update your blender and add your own programs



  • 30 pre-programmed recipes
  • Removable sound enclosure, pad, and jar for easy cleaning
  • Stackable jars, graduated in milliliters and ounces, adapted to right and left handers
  • Designed to easily fit onto any counter
  • Each part of the jar can be dismantled, including the blade, for easy maintenance


Safety and Hygiene

  • Waterproof on/off interlock switch
  • Motor protected by internal thermal detector
  • Very silent and powerful brushless motor
  • All removable parts can be put in a dishwasher or easily cleaned with hot, soapy water
  • 1-year warranty



  • Smoothies
  • Cocktails
  • Fruit juices
  • Milkshakes
  • Granitas
  • Iced coffee frappes


Why it’s worth the $$$

The Santos #62 brushless blender is priced at $2,112.99 USD / $2,528.89 CAD. If you’re shaking your head in disbelief and aren’t convinced it’ll be worth the purchase, watch the video here to see the Santos #62 Blender in action! If you are an active blender-user, you can’t miss out on the Santos #62 brushless blender that is changing the way we create smoothies, milkshakes and more! Stop buying blenders that won’t shred your food properly or will break down after only a few months of use. Visit Zanduco's website to view and purchase the Santos Blender #62 and other Santos products. But don’t just stop there! Zanduco has hundreds of products that will do wonders in both commercial and residential kitchens. Our dual-usage products will bring out the chef inside of you!


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