Restaurant Equipment Store Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies Sets the Standards for Superior Product Quality

Restaurant Equipment Store Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies Sets the Standards for Superior Product Quality

Restaurant equipment must be manufactured according to the highest quality levels in the marketplace. There is simply no room for errors when making a product to be used within a restaurant environment, so restaurant owners can only entrust their business needs to specialists that have proven experience in delivering the finest quality products. It’s an area in which Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies has made a name for themselves, and they’re now inviting clients to review their full selection of restaurant bar and kitchen supplies.

Headquartered in Newark, DE, Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies is a company that has a comprehensive understanding on the needs of the modern restaurant business owner. They know that business owners require equipment that will add efficiency and value to their company in the long-term, and so their team works tirelessly to ensure that this type of product is available within their comprehensive company catalogue. It’s a versatile selection that includes options such as refrigeration equipment. Consider for example the company’s True T-23-HC Reach-In Solid Swing Door Refrigerator, which has been uniquely designed to provide the user with lower utility bills, colder food product temperatures, and exceptional food safety in their restaurant environment. The True T-23-HC Reach-In Solid Swing Door Refrigerator features sealed, cast iron, and self-lubricating evaporator fan motors with larger fan blades, which help ensure faster temperature recovery and shorter run times within exceptionally busy food service areas. With its clear exterior temperature display, kitchen teams can always rest assured that the system is maintained at a cool temperature for optimal safe storage of kitchen items.

The team at Zanduco’s restaurant equipment store also works with restaurants to ensure they have the ideal facilities for inviting families to enjoy a comfortable dining experience. For example, they offer products such as the Rubbermaid 7818-88 Baby Changing Station, featuring easy-to-reach diaper hooks, anti-microbial surface protection, and a smooth crevice-free ergonomic design.

In addition to their exceptional catalogue, Zanduco is a company known for its commitment to short delivery timeframes. Their team has conveniently located warehouses across Canada and the United States to ensure that all ordered equipment arrives directly at the client’s facility within a consolidated timeframe. The company also trains staff to be able to answer any of the client’s product questions. Clients can call the company directly at any time to speak to an associate with specialist product knowledge. It’s the commitment to excellence that has helped the company grow continually over their many decades in the marketplace.

It’s the trusted service for high quality restaurant equipment and bar supplies. To learn more, contact the team at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies directly at 1-855-926-3826 or visit their business website here.

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