Post-Thanksgiving Blues

Post-Thanksgiving Blues

The preparation and anticipation for thanksgiving takes over many people’s lives for the good part of a week. The over-preparation of large quantities of food to ensure that there is enough for every single person to have seconds (as well as leftovers) takes a toll on everyone—even the eaters. Afterwards, when the leftovers are all gone, most people don’t feel like eating large meals, let alone making them. It is time-consuming and some of the excitement or appeal is lost after we have all dedicated three days to eat. Fortunately enough, there are ways to utilize the leftover leftovers to make pre-prepared meals and recipes that take little prep to execute.

Fall is the perfect time for homemakers and chefs to maximize on fall flavors, ingredients, and spices, which they have stored at the back of the cupboard since April—think cinnamon, root vegetables, and poultry-based soup.

A go-to for most cooks is to make a broth with the turkey from thanksgiving, which is asy enough for even the most inexperienced cookers! Making homemade broth is an easy and affordable (not to mention healthier) way to keep the flavour of the turkey! Simply place the turkey carcass in a large pot, fill with water, and voila! Most people choose to put the holy trinity (celery, carrots, and onions) as well as spices to preference! Don’t have the tools? Find what you need here! A proper sized saucepan comes in handy for more than just making soup!

Increase the versatility of your kitchen by expanding on your kitchen equipment! If you are not looking to go on a kitchen equipment-shopping spree, here are a few must-have items that will open you up to new recipes!

A Dutch oven, or cast iron pot, is a fundamental part of any fall or winter kitchen! Their structure allows heat to be evenly distributed, which is the perfect fit for soups and stews! Any recipe that entails a low and slow cook can fit in this pot, which you can find here!

If you are looking to add to your kitchen tools step by step, the perfect small addition is a durable, heavy-duty peeler! With root vegetables being a go-to side dish for meals, a good peeler increases productivity and reduces risk of harm! Browse our large selection for all the necessities you need!

Happy fall cooking!

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