Mother's Day

Mother's Day

With Mother’s Day this upcoming weekend, reservations are being made, gifts are being wrapped, and recipes are being studied in preparation for the big day. Taking your mother out for brunch or dinner is a tradition many families have adopted. It takes the stress off of having to think of dishes to serve and the mess to clean up. Restaurants usually have Mother’s Day events or specials that make it easy to choose which place to eat at. As this is a very busy day for restaurants and food establishments, planning ahead is always beneficial.

With Mother’s Day falling near the end of spring, it is a chance to mix up your menu and offer fresh specials. Whether your restaurant takes reservations or walk-ins only, take advantage of this popular day and be prepared so that you can serve as many families as possible! For brunch, buffet style serving is a favourite. This style is not only a dramatically faster way of serving large amounts of people at the same time, but the food is continually fresh as it is finished just as fast.

You will be able to make larger quantities of food at the same time, saving prep and cook time. One major aspect of buffet style dining is the fact that servers do not have to take orders and have more time to cater to the customer’s needs. Ensure that all the empty glasses and dirty plates are cleared, so that your tables are clear and your guests are at ease. Using dish lugs and utility carts makes it easy to quickly clear many dishes and tables in one simple trip.  

Opting to stay at home and make your mom breakfast or dinner? We’ve collected some delicious looking recipes to treat your mother to.

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