Modern Dining Trends

Modern Dining Trends

Keeping up with what’s modern and what’s relevant is crucial for a lot of businesses. Times are changing and so are your customers. You don’t always need to go through a whole renovation to get with the times, but bigger changes can lead to bigger impacts—ones that stick with people. Here are a few trends that restaurants have taken on to either add some oomph to a dull space or stay relevant.



Bringing the outdoors inside has become quite common for several commercial establishments. Potted plants or vines that drape along windowsills give a space a very earthy tone. While this could easily compliment a plant-based restaurant, other establishments can use it as a means of adding to any empty space, bringing more life in. This trend can look very appealing to the eyes, however taking on this trend is a bit of a commitment. You’ll have to regularly water your plants, change the soil if needed, and keep them in an area where they get enough sunlight.


Minimalist Designs

You may have heard the term “minimalist” or “minimalism.” Adopted from Scandinavia, minimalist designs are simple, clean, don’t use many elements, and you can use it towards interior and menu designs. The aesthetic is very much a “less is more” scheme. If you explore minimalist restaurant designs, you’ll find that a lot of themes use, but not limited to whites, blacks, greys or deep blues. If you’re a restaurant owner that absolutely despises clutter, this could be the best trend for you to follow.


Bold Colors

Color schemes don’t always have to be elaborate, intricate, or kaleidoscopic. Sometimes 2-3 colors are all you need, and if used correctly, it can look fresh, simple and eye-catching. Choosing bold, distinct colors will not only look visually appealing, but will give identity to your brand and give your customers something to associate your brand with. Your signature colors can even be integrated into your website.



Most trends get to see their fifteen minutes of fame, and some can make comebacks a few decades down the line. If you’re feeling iffy about modern trends then you can play around with past decades. An example of this is 50’s diners: red booth chairs, checkered floors, backless barstools, posters of Marilyn Monroe, and maybe even a jukebox. A Greek restaurant could play to their roots by using Greek mythology symbolism throughout their space. You can get very creative by using a retro or vintage theme, while even putting your own twist to it. Setting people back in time can give some people a sense of nostalgia, while others naturally tend to favor old trends versus modern ones.



Depending on where your establishment is based, you could use an “opposites attract” scheme. For example, if you’re based in a rural area, bring the city to life at your restaurant with brick walls and bright lights. If you’re based in an urban area, take your guests into a village pub or beach house. Play with your surroundings. You can end up creating a fun space for your customers to dine in.


Tablet/iPad Menus

New, modernized technology is shaping our future and the way we live. A handful of restaurants are ditching printed copies of menus and using tablet menus instead. The interactive feature allows the customer to choose how much of something they want and notifies the server if they need something. If touch-screen menus aren’t your thing, you could always look into offering free Wi-Fi, online ordering, or mobile payment methods. People are drawn to these technology trends because of their efficiency and this will ultimately allow your service to run more smoothly.


Instagram-worthy Menu Items

What’s a great way to gain attraction to your establishment? Social media, of course! Instagram has taken the world by storm, allowing people to create a digital photo album and share memories. Out-of-the-ordinary foods create an experience for customers, combining visual, aroma, and palatable themes to your menu items. Not only will an Instagram post of your food be made visible, customers can also link your Instagram page as well as set the location so everyone will know where you’re located.


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