Maintain & Restore Your Cast Iron Cookware

Maintain & Restore Your Cast Iron Cookware

The restoration of cast iron cookware ensures that your durable kitchen equipment will last long and provide you with the upmost quality throughout the duration of its lifespan.

The use and care of both enameled and seasoned cast iron is generally the same, as they both require.

Some people choose to put more time and effort into the care of their cast iron, depending on how much often their cooking equipment is used. Never put your cast iron into the dishwasher! Hand wash every time, use as little soap as necessary, and dry with a towel immediately after. Keep your cast iron properly “seasoned” and protected by coating with a small amount of vegetable oil after every wash after it is dried.

Enameled cookware is easier to care for than seasoned cast iron, as its porcelain finish protects the cast iron from acidity and wear. Similar to the seasoned cast iron, however, ensure that the cookware is always cool before washing and that it is always stored dried. 

Refurbish your Cast Iron

The proper maintenance and care of your seasoned cast iron will not require as much refurbishing, though it should be restored if it is used constantly. Re-seasoning and restoring your cast iron can be done easily. If you have more than one item, you can do them all together.


  • Set the temperature of the oven to 350°F-400°F, so once all the steps are complete, the oven will be ready to use.
  • Use hot water and soap to wash to cookware with a hard bristle brush. This is to remove any excess materials and product buildup from the cast iron, so the re-seasoning is more successful.
  • Rinse soap off and dry completely.
  • Once completely dried, use a small amount of vegetable or cooking oil to spread over the entire product, top and bottom.
  • To prevent the oil from dripping onto the bottom of the oven, place a sheet of aluminum foil on the bottom rack of the oven.
  • Place the cookware upside down on the middle or top rack to prevent pooling. (If you are doing all of your cookware and have enough to fill two shelves, do this step in separate stages because you do not want the top cookware to drip on your lower stationed items).
  • Bake in the oven for at least one hour, and let cool in the oven when finished.

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