What to Look For in a Conveyor Oven

What to Look For in a Conveyor Oven

Conveyor ovens are the saving grace for a lot of restaurants, cafes, diners, and bakeries. It’s a great tool that keeps up with the demands of many establishments. For bustling mornings, you can stay on top of the breakfast rush by making bagels, toast, pizzas, and small baked goods hot-and-ready. In addition, depending on the size of your products, you can heat up multiple items at once, which allows you to serve more. While their functions are similar, not all conveyor ovens operate the same; some have different features and some might be missing components that are crucial for an effective service. Read the following as a guide to picking out the ideal conveyor oven for your establishment.


  1. Gas or Electric

This is all based on personal preference as well as the setting of your business. One won’t necessarily be better than the other. However, one should take into consideration of the pros and cons for each option. Operating a gas oven is ideal for any high-volume operations. If your establishment relies on mobility (eg. food trucks) or doesn’t have access to natural gas or liquid propane, then an electric conveyor oven would be better.


  1. Demands of your Business

Take a look at how many customers you get on average. What business looks like will determine the level of duty you want in a conveyor oven. There are typically three options to choose from: light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty. Size also plays a part in this and can also correspond with their type of operation. While someone might think that a heavy-duty machine will help produce more and keep up with customer demands, a machine of that size needs a lot room; a spacious kitchen area for the conveyor oven and the employees operating it.


  1. Pricing

Convection ovens/pizza ovens can range anywhere from $1,000-$30,000. Their type of operation and size take part in the pricing. Whether the unit is for countertops or is floor standing also plays a part. If your business falls under a strict budget, then this might be the first step to getting your ideal oven.


  1. Looking Beyond Conveyor

There is always the possibility that a conveyor might not be the best fit for your establishment. Nevertheless, you can also look into stone deck ovens and convection ovens. Stone deck ovens are ideal for artisan bakers. They provide excellent heat distribution, and with a steam injection system, you’ll have total control over your oven chamber. You can use one towards pizzas, breads, roasts, pastries, pies, cakes, and more. A convection oven comes complete with a fan and exhaust. The fan and exhaust assist in blowing the hot air in the oven throughout the chamber and then vent it back out. This will ultimately cook your food evenly and more quickly. Convection ovens are also big money savers.


Zanduco’s Ovens

Zanduco sells the CE-TW-0356, a conveyor oven with 14-inch conveyor belt. It’s one of the most affordable conveyor ovens on the market. It’s designed to provide consistent heat with infrared heaters and is equipped with a variable speed control and adjustable top and bottom heat controls. The body is made of attractive stainless steel. This model would be excellent for bread, bagels, and pizzas. It's ideal for large kitchens, diners, and cafes. Zanduco also carries a wide selection of convection ovens and toasters that are ideal for heating up foods. Visit our website to view more, along with our hundreds of commercial and residential kitchen equipment.


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