Healthy from Scratch!

Healthy from Scratch!

With the cold weather outside, people are spending more and more time inside. It is no wonder why people tend to decrease the amount of time exercising. People are moving to eat more hearty and warm foods, so make the most of the transition! You don’t have to sacrifice flavour and taste, but say, “be gone!” to the unwanted extra calories and chemicals found in many processed and dried foods!

Here are some tips to helping you stay healthy this winter!  

The more food you make from scratch, the better! Though to start, making your own vegetables is the way to go and you can always go one step further! It’s the little things that tend to add up, without us ever noticing! Grocery stores are making everybody’s lives easier, by making more and more prepared food! A click of a button and voilà, a home cooked meal. While these meals are a much better alternative than fast food, most of them are quite simple—even the most inexperienced chef in the kitchen can make them!  

One of the main reasons that people tend to eat out more in the colder months is because of the shorter days. People do not seem to have the energy or time on their hands to prepare every meal. We’re here to help! Last week we discussed how blended foods—like smoothies, hummus, and guacamole—are good to-go snacks, with the only work being putting various foods in the blender and food processor and hitting “start”.

While those are great, easy options, eating soft food for every meal isn’t a very satisfying option. Depending on how you spend your days and what part of the week you have time to cook, plan ahead to make meals easier to make! Whether you want to make all your meals for the week at one time or only do the prep work, it is still time consuming! What better way to speed up the process than using a vegetable slicer to work 3x as fast?

A mandolin slicer is a very common household appliance, making it easy to make all sorts of vegetables to use in recipes or to eat raw. As it is small, handheld, and compact, it tends to be more of a household appliance than commercial one.

If you have a larger family or are looking to prep all of your ingredients for the week at once, a high-end vegetable slicer is the way to go! Though it is a bigger appliance than you may be used to for home use, restaurants, cafes, and commercial kitchens use these to cut down on labour costs and to increase productivity! Easy to store when it's not being used, easy to clean, and makes chopping vegetables fun!  

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