Get Holiday Season Ready

Get Holiday Season Ready

Get holiday-ready with all the necessary cooking materials and appliances you need to be prepared! From cookie trays to mixers, not only are these fundamental pieces of holiday kitchen, they can be used all year round!

Cookie trays—also known as bun pans or aluminum sheet pans—are used for baking, cooking, storing, and much more! They don’t take up a lot of storage space and the opportunities to use them are endless! Whether you are baking cookies or roasting potatoes, these bun pans can withstand the heat of the oven or the cold temperatures of your fridge or freezer. Easily freeze fruits and vegetables for the future, by using a cookie tray to do so. You can limit clumping and the mixing of flavors.

Cookie sheets aren’t only good for small food products, keep the bottom of your oven crumb-free, by placing bread and pies on one before cooking! Hosting a party? These trays are great to line with appetizers and keep in your fridge for storage. 

Get Christmas cooking with ease! Bun pans aren’t the only thing that come in handy for holiday season. A mixer (6 QT KitchenAid Stand Mixer on SALE now!) allows you to be more versatile in the kitchen and lets you follow recipes more accurately! Whether you are looking to make mashed potatoes for Christmas feast, fresh baked bread, or loads of cookies, a mixer lets you do so without having to strain with a hand held whisk!  

Hopefully your Christmas and holiday meals are organized potluck style, in which case every person is in charge of one dish. If you’re the lucky bird stuck with the turkey, don’t fret! Zanduco carries a variety of thermometers to make your life easy during this stressful (yet festive) time of year! Whether you are looking for an electric or instant read thermometer for your turkey or are looking for a candy thermometer to help you make your candy brittle just right, we have what you’re looking for!  

Timers are also a much needed kitchen accessory, one that can be used all year round! Whether you are making mashed potatoes, or letting your icing set, a good quality timer is a must have for any type of use, whether for cooking or daily activities!

Get Cooking with Zanduco!

Happy Holidays!    

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