First Look at the Zanduco Commercial Gas Range

First Look at the Zanduco Commercial Gas Range

Your restaurant has a reputation of maintaining excellent service and perfectly cooked food.  What are some of the things you look for when buying a range for your commercial establishment? The big factors are:

  • Type – Determine what the crowd at your establishment is like and cater to it. For an average crowd, lean towards a restaurant range. For bigger crowds, lean towards a heavy-duty range which are designed for higher volume usage.
  • Size – Keep your hood space in mind when determining the size of your range. Some safety requirements for restaurants specify that the hood should reach minimum 6 inches beyond each piece of equipment you put under it.
  • Capacity – You’ll want to have sufficient oven space for all your baking needs. If you will constantly need to use an oven much like the burners of your range, you’ll need to know if it has the space to handle several trays at a time.
  • Configuration – This is based on the cooking you want to do with your range. Some models are on the heavy-duty side, making them built with higher BTUs.
  • Additional Accessories – This is optional and will depend on what is being served at a restaurant. Additional accessories can vary from salamanders to griddle broilers.

What if you could get to the most ideal and beneficial choices rolled into one? Zanduco’s brand new 36-inch, natural gas range with 5.58 cu.ft. oven capacity will help you bring out your culinary expertise. Our stainless steel range is one of our most durable products, able to take on all the dishes you need to make during your service. In addition, the oven thermostat adjusts from 250°F to 550°F (121°C - 288°C) and uses an impressive 31,000 BTU per hour. The 6 burners use 30,000 BTU per burner. This unit features a pull out crumb tray with rounded edges to prevent heat transfer. Need to adjust this unit? Its 6-inch stainless steel adjustable heavy duty legs will support this range without struggle. With 6 burners and 1 oven working independently of each other, you can create numerous possibilities at once. This is a new addition that will make any commercial kitchen come alive.

  • 58 cu.ft oven capacity
  • Stainless steel front, sides, and back
  • 6” stainless steel adjustable heavy duty legs
  • 6 heavy duty burners: 30,000 BTU each
  • 6 x heavy duty flat cast-iron cooking grate
  • Stainless steel pilot for durability
  • Pull out crumb tray with rounded edges to prevent heat transfer
  • Oven thermostat adjusts from 250°F to 550°F (121°C - 288°C)
  • Oven Power: 1 x 31,000 BTU/hr.
  • Dimensions (WDH) : 36” x 32.6” x 61”/ 915 x 828.6 x 1538.5 mm
  • Packaging Dimensions: 41” x 40” x 44” / 1040 x 1010 x 1120 mm
  • Weight: 368 lbs. / 167 kg.
  • Packaging Weight: 456 lbs. / 207 kg.

Zanduco aims to give you the most out of your purchases, which is why this attractive unit is conveniently priced at  $1,497.56 USD / $1,944.88 CAD. To help your commercial kitchen prosper or to aid the cook or restaurant owner in your life, look no further than Zanduco’s 36" Commercial Range.


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