Everything You Wanted to Know About Ghost Restaurants

Everything You Wanted to Know About Ghost Restaurants

Our digital age is continuously expanding and everyone is turning to gadgets. The restaurant industry is also making changes to adapt to this new lifestyle. With that come ghost restaurants. No, there’s nothing spooky about this new trend; ghost restaurants are restaurants with no storefront and are run on a delivery-only system. You can order off of websites and apps versus coming in to make an order. Providing your customers with quality food right to their door so they can eat in the comfort of their own home is putting a whole new name to instant gratification. Many might wonder if a ghost restaurant can actually work or if it will change the face of the restaurant industry. Here’s a breakdown of how ghost restaurants function.



With no need for a physical restaurant with a dining area, you have a lot more freedom to customize your kitchen. A ghost restaurant can work from a residential kitchen if it’s big enough and meets standards or it can work from a commissary kitchen that you can rent. Depending on your budget, this could be a chance to invest in food equipment that you might have not been able to fit in a restaurant where majority of its space is the dining area. Overall, not having a building to tend to saves you a lot of money.



Since there is no visible restaurant, a ghost restaurant’s marketing should be regularly active. Most, if not all, of the marketing should be digital. Social media accounts should be placed on a ghost restaurant’s website so that the customers can stay informed on the menu and other updates. Food delivery apps are another way to gain and maintain exposure. Becoming a featured restaurant on a delivery app is a bonus because this exposure lets people see your restaurant before others. From a desktop or laptop, keep your layout simple, clear, and attractive for your customers. This is also a chance to create a personality and voice for your ghost restaurant. The idea sounds straightforward enough with the right direction and ambition, but is it the best route versus buying your own property with a dining area?  




Renting a kitchen or prep workspace for making food is much cheaper than renting or buying some property for a sit-down restaurant. You’ll be able to focus your money into other expenses like high quality kitchen equipment, marketing management tools, and more.



If you're relying solely on digital platforms, there’s no need for print. Adjusting what you feature on your website can be changed with little to no hassle and your changes will be instant to the public.


Less food waste

Having a ghost restaurant presents the opportunity to have your cooks prep and cut food differently, ultimately reusing ingredients. This also saves your business money.



Loyal customers

Without a good digital presence, great service, and great food quality, it’s hard for a ghost restaurant to survive. It’s important that there’s a reliable team to keep up with these factors and bring any faultiness to attention.


Overall survival

Ghost restaurants are still new; a lot of people still don’t know they even exist. If the trend picks up then maybe other have a chance, but it’s hard to tell at this point.



These establishments are based around a delivery-only system. A manager would need to hire a sufficient amount of couriers or partner with a reliable third-party delivery service. Otherwise, orders might not arrive to their destination on time, resulting in poor customer service.


These virtual restaurants may or may not be the way of the future. But there are certainly people who have taken to operating a ghost restaurant. Whether you want to jump on the bandwagon or not, ghost restaurants truly present an interesting and modern take to delivery. 


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